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i'm here writing all i want after quite long time not updating.quite busy doing this and that.spm,study,basketball,extraclass, tiring tauu!this is my last year in SEMASHUR,i want to give my best to success.spm just around the corner,memg dah suntuk ts my own self yang sometimes layan sangat kepenatan and fikir nak tido and rest jekk.come on larr dian!WAKE UP!

JGN MAIN2 DAH.entahlaaa.i think i gave effort on ups haritue lagi byk kott.hmmm.ape nak jadi nihh?takottt r.please everyone,i'm begging for your support!

hmmm.thanks to all the teachers who have tought us.BLESS OUR KNOWLEDGE TEACHER:))

ermm,physics nihh,i'm losing grip!all the electric thing messed me up.i've lost all my spirit to revise physics tau!huh.dlu punye laa semangat to become an engineer,but when it comes to electric i've lost all my strengthness to stay focus in class.urghhh.i don't know what i want to be in future.:(

GOD,PLEASE HELP ME!i'm only a small creature.i need strengthness.!

thanks to all my friends.ILOVE YOU ALL VERY VERY MUCH.Seriously i can't imagine life without all of you in future;( 


thnks to all of you!

this becoming school break started with all the hard work,i'm seeking for vitory!

and nak sangatsangat main futsal cui nnt.anyone want to invite me in?i'm free:))

okay thats all for now!chiao!:))