Some cool stuffs that cools me down

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Okay, it was a hard night. And One Tree Hill really helps me. Always with calming songs. So hear it guys!

I hear you breathing in
another day begins

the stars are falling out
my dreams are fading now, fading out

I've been keeping my eyes wide open
I've been keeping my eyes wide open

your love is a symphony
all around me
running through me

your love is a melody
underneath me
running to me

your love is a song

the dawn is fire bright
against the city lights

the clouds are glowing now
the moon is blacking out

I've been keeping my mind wide open
I've been keeping my mind wide open

your love is a song

with my eyes wide open
I've got my eyes wide open
I've been keeping my hopes unbroken


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Apahal main cam ayam bodohhh!! Bukan JT je. 
BOO-HOOO! Yeah I am a Chelsea fan. And FOREVER will be. But I have to spill this out!
Man, you played like WHORE wehhh!
I wanna give out every inch of my unsatisfaction here!
But, I'm TOO MAD that I can't even type smoothly! 
And JT, what about your decent performance recently? Yeah it's because of you're upset abt many things.
Then don't ever do it again! Bodoh!!! 
But it was priceless. 
I can't think of even a tiny reason that you have to brawl with JT. 
You do look STUPID there, with your heinous hair! BOO YAHH!
Make things better! 
Because I ain't gonna change which team and the man I've been supporting forEVER!

Ohh dear mannn

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"I won't rest until it's replaced by a winner's shirt" 
- that's my pledge to every Chelsea fan who has stood by me and still believes in me as a player and as their club's captain.

Week's Goal

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My goal for this week is,  

Told ya, I'm broke. I mean it. Dead broke! arghhhh. 
But, you should know how suffering I am at home. I have nothing to eat. The 'dapur' didn't work and Idk what's the problem is. I can't cook anything. Koko Krunch is out of stock and so as all the biscuits and junkfoods. And I am not the type which can eat any Nasi Campur kat kedai2 tu. Pls don't hate me. I just don't like em. I rather not eating anything than drive myself to any foodstall nearby to buy some food. Sorry for being too choosy but that's me. Can't help it. If dah desperate mcm nant kalau da masuk U ke MAYBE lahh I'll accept the fact that I need all those Nasi Campur kannn because if I don't eat them, I would probably get sick. 

Well, I suppose to practise my guitar skills. I chosed to learn Blind by Lifehouse last week. And Mr.Sharom tought me but heheheheh I already forgot how to strum. Serious lupe ohhh. Soorrrryyyyy:( And can't wait to learn plucking!:))


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I chatted with this one guy in MSN. He's from London, UK. Mannn, he's HILARIOUS! Every words that written by him is damn funny. Yeah, sometimes it was BOBO. But fuhh, I had loadz of fun chatting with him. :)

The story was like this, yesterday, I can't sleep. I don't know why. Its like amnesia or something. So we chatted since he was bored too. Have a webcam chat to be precise. Tell you what, this man, I don't know why God makes him sooo special because he's SMILING ALL THE TIME. Not an ordinary smile, BUT A VERY BRIGHT SMILE:) Well, he's not some kind of handsome-guy type, but you'll be smiling too when seeing him like that. And it was already 5am at that time, (well at his place it was 8pm macam tulahh). And he did make tons of jokes! I thought God sent me an angel laaaa kann time tu, to cheer me up because memg bosan tahap gaban aaa time tu.

One of his joke is:
Him: "Who made yr nickname ID?"

Me: I am.

Him: You lie!

Me: ??? No I'm not.

Him: Then why it ends with ''?

Me: Huh? There's a choice when I'm making this email, I can choose '' or ''. So I choosed the second one

Him: You lied! Why is it ''? Why not ''?

*Huhhh? Memg BOBO terbaekk ahh!:D
And last night, (its already 1am) we had a short conversation again. And he asked me this Q,
"  What words always spelt wrong?"

And I don't know why am I sooo friggin dumb-ass I can't think of the answer. And I told him I post that Q on FB, and then he told me this

"  They gonna say you're stupid"

And I was like-_____________-
At that moment, I was "apehal laa mamat ni nak kate aku stupid lakkk".
And then I told him that i give up. And he gave me the answer.

"  Wrong"

HUH? MANNNN! Why am I soo stupid that I can't get it! And I saw him laughing-my-ass-of at me. Durhhh malu siiotttt. hahahhahahaha! Apehal laa soalan simple macam tu pon aku takleh pke. Lawak tol

Anyway, I had so much fun chatting with him. He can kill my boredom. :) 

p/s: I found this guy on omegle(Thanks Nabeela). Then chat dkt MSN sbb Omegle tu sangattlaaa byk PERVERTS! Till now, I don't even know what's his name.HAHA.


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Phew! Tahap kemalasan yang kritikal untuk mengupdate blog. Actually too much to story about but doesn't have the gut to write yet. Btw, one concrete info, I'm broke now. Too much hangouts make my 'pocket go lighter' (???). LOLZ. 
And today, I'll be going to KLCC, tomorrow, loitering with Ain at Ampang Point, Saturday, going to Semashur for basketball friendly and Sunday, futsal with Kak Ira. Pleaseeeeeee, I need more cash!

So long

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Hey peeps. I'm back:) Got a few complications on this Wi-fi thingy last few days. So I just watched Supernatural all day long. And also the movies. 
Today, we had a close Barbecue session at home. Just four of us. Me, Apat, Angah and Shah. I woke up late as usual. After shower, headed straight downstairs and eat eat eat!:))
I'm full! And later this evening, we gonna make Custard!! YUMMAAYYYYY!!
Seriously man, I don't have a purpose on writing this post so its gonna sound very the "tahpape". Sorry folks.
And lastly, for sure I'll update about my perfect soulmate. :)
Mr. JT fled to Dubai after the Everton match. And the delightful part is Toni forgave him. OMG I'm happy for both of you. There are a few pictures which are very the lovable and sweeeettt. But I can't share with you guys because its from the UK newspapers. It can't be copied. 
So, thats all I think. Sorry for the balderdash post. PEACE OUT:)
Their love are stronger than ever.


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I went to Mid Valley tadi just to meet KRIS ALLEN!!!
Macam tak caye dohh! Gile babeng pny CUTE aaa!!! Memang worth-it I'm standing for 2 hours just to watch him.
( worth it ke? takdela sgt pon snanye )
His voice memg alluring habis aaa. Cair skejap kat situ. hekhek. I went there with Ain. Since she's the one that I know yang minat gak mamat nih:P
We watched from the 1st floor. Kris was at the Ground Floor Centre Court. Malas nak sesak2 kat bwh tu. Sure busuk baii. Kat atas tu pon dr kol 4 lbh da kene cop. Then tercongok laa sampai pkol 6 tgu dy sampai.
Makk aiii mase dy sampai tu, dr dekat back stage da bole nmpk sbb view from the above kann. Dude, he is VERY VERY VERY VERY CUTE!!!!!!! Memang dr jauh dh leh cam sbb dy sangat putih. Comel gile baii!!!
Before he arrived, ad JJ n Ean. Ean sangat cute:))
And bile dah sampai je sume pon start jd gile. I SCREAMED memg kuat gle babang r, agak memalukan tapi excited gle doeee.

Ni mase baru sampai. JERIT BAGAI NAK GILE!

Ni plak dy nyanyi sket. Suare dy sangat MACHO! tengok doh video ni. Aku yg amek, bkn cilok
I was extremely exhausted. Suare pon dah macam rockers. Pnat jerit, penat berdiri, penat jadi terlebih excited.heheh


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THANK GOD! Ya Allah HAPPY gile ahhhh aku!!!!
Thanks Mr. JT, you make me ALIVE again:)) Sangat seronok tgk Mr. JT is back to normal, no more gloomy face. He is ALWAYS BEING FANTASTIC. HAPPYNYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I can say that this is the best match I've ever seen this season. Eventhough macam rase posession more to Arsenal, but Chelsea were BETTER! Thnks for the set pieces! OMG I AM SOOO HAPPY now!!!!!!!

Pastu ni haa nak cite, before match tu, Akif tny laa, bpe prediction aku, then I said 2-0. SEKALI BETOL DAAAA!!! Tepat lak tuh! Aku men ckp je 2-0. Snanye ak cuak n nervous(ade beze ke?) gle before game tuh. 
Pastu ble da abes match, ttbe Akif soh ckp yg dy dpt 10a. Aku pon plek2 dah, phal lak dy nih. Pastu dy pon kate, "mulut masin".
Cehh, lawak je. hihih

Papepon, aku sangat happy!!!
Serious doh kalw ade replay pon aku rse mcm nk tgk lagi. BEST GILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guitar Lesson

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Its been 4 weeks I'm attending Guitar Class. Thanks to Mr. Sharom for the great knowledge you've tought me. Currently, I'm able to tune a few songs, which are 21 Guns by Greenday, You Belong To Me by Jason Wade, Wherever You'll Go by The Callings, Your Guardian Angel by The Redjumpsuit Apparatus, Your Call by Secondhand Serenade and a lil bit of More than Words. Thank you so much Cikgu:)

And not forgotten, Mr Amirul Hakim for being a brilliant sifu for me. Power sial budak nih. Bole main Unholy Confession. Perghh! MANTAP! And now, he's willingly with a generous heart lend me his guitar. Since he's rarely use his acoustic guitar, so I can borrow it for a while, maybe until I have enough money to buy a new Yamaha Acoustic Guitar for myself. That guitar I got from Shark isn't really good for beginners like me. There's a pretty wide gap between the strings and the chord. So it became a trouble for me to change the chords because it'll make the fingers touching another string. -.-

Not that I'm ungrateful for what I got, seriously, it was a fantastic feeling to get that guitar especially from a friend that I am not even close enough. I truly appreciate it:) Thanks again

Fyi, the process of learning to play this instrument isn't easy at all! It needs patience. Your fingers must be sakit due to pressing the strings, and sometimes it'll chapped. I've been through all that. Learning needs sacrifice right? So just deal with it. And the most annoying part is that you have to be patient when you feel like you're such a loser because you're being too slow to change the chords and then the sounds that come out was like an indecent sound and pathetically you can't get the rhythm. Its sucks yawww. But, it'll get better the more you practice.

So I think now I'm happy with my own progress. Cause it just gets better day by day. Hopefully in future, I can play as well as Jason Wade does. Or maybe Taylor Swift cause I AM FRIGGIN JEALOUS WITH HER-.-

Pray for me folks:))

This post is actually to lessen my sadness and gloomy day lately.
And tonight is the match between Chelsea and Arsenal.
I'm nervous.
Chelsea, please don't play like you did agaisnt Hull, it's sucks.
JT, be strong:)


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I slept all day long today. For real! I don't know why. I woke up at 11a.m, clean up my room, get a shower, go downstairs and watch TV for 45mins, and then I fell asleep on the couch. After I was awake, I go upstairs and continue my sleep in my bed. At 730 I woke up. I DON'T KNOW WHY-.-

Sebab depressed ke? Come on laaa!


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Half of me is gone now. Why is this hapenned??
And why am I sooo affected? I felt terrible.
Maybe there's a blessing in disguise?
Please God, I hate this feeling. 
Make me happy people:(

Opinion Of The Day

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Adnan Sempit? hah! Not changing my impression at all. Lawak memg lawak. Tapi masih tidak berbaloi membayar RM9 to watch it. Saye MEMBAZIR today. DAMN

A new look

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What do you think folks?

"Takyah kecoh sangat doh cite aku, tau r aku hot. Takpe, nanti aku kawin ngan Farah Nurdiana aku ajak korang ehh. No worries laa:)"

"Shhhhh, I'm focusing!"

 Peeps, this is just for fun.
I am not going to marry John.
I'm not your toys to be humiliated.
Good luck in Dubai, get her back John.
Have fun in Valentine with Toni and kids:)

Giuliana & Bill

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I watched this TV show at E! channel just now. Marathon. OMG! They're soo sweet! Sangatsangatsangatsangat sweet! They're just like a perfect married couple ever
You guys SHOULD watch it. :) 


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I'm never gonna get over you
Not 'cause I can't
'Cause I don't want to
You know it's true that I'm gonna get you back if it's the only thing I do
I'm never gonna get over you
I'm never gonna get over you

Geli sket. Tapi diam jelaa eh:P

Its hard for me seing you like that:(

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Kali ni entryku akan ditulis dlm BM kott.

Okay, post2 before nih memanjang aku puji lelaki pujaan hatiku si jejaka idaman John Terry, namun, beberapa hari selepas itu, berbagai2 cerita yang tidak enak yang kudengari. Aku sangat sedih bagi pihakmu. Cerita nya begini, Terry dikatakan terlibat dgn affair with Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend. Sape tah name dy aku pon tak ingat. Dan bukan itu sahaja, ianya ditambah lagi dengan spekulasi yang dilakukan oleh parent Mr. JT. Supposedly, this matter no need to be known by the media and to post it publicly, but disebabkan he's the Captain of his country, so people are very very not satisfied with it. Ape nak buat? dah nasib badan. Butt, no worries, I'll always be with you(ewwww). Aku tetap akan mempertahankan MR.JT. Sebab I know he's a kind person. Biaselah bnd2 camni jd kat star footballer. Sabo ye:)

Pastu semalam ade game Chelsea vs Burnley. Aku pon stay up laa cam bese sampai abes game. Chelsea pon mule2 leading, walwpon game agk membosankan, aku tetap setia menonton. Sampai lah Anelka menembusi gawang Burnley. Burnley main dgn begitu agresif sekali, good job! Tapi the professionalisme of Chelsea players is what I'm really proud of, apebile Burnley menyamakan kedudukan 1-1, saye berase agak kecewa. Tapi selepas itu, Chelsea semakin gah, semakin aktif! Dan pada minit ke 82, GOALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ya Allah mase tu memang hatiku gumbira teramat! Seriously ahh, the things happened outside the pitch didnt affect your professionalisme lgsg. memg bangga lahh! Tapi mse dah goal tu tak celebrate pon, muke still depressed. Sian you John:( 

Okay, lets move on.
Pasal title post nih, just to let you know that it really hurts seeing you like that. Muke memg upset gile mase game. Not even a slight smile after you scoring the vital goal. Okay folks, I know you're getting geli with me, but I've told ya that I'm obsessed with this man! Don't try to stop me cause I won't:) 

 Papepon, eventho I'm fucking jealous with you Toni Terry, just don't try to make a break with the good happy family you have with John and those beautiful twins.

And for the captaincy thing, don't give up on that, cause no one deserves that better than you do. Just take time to fix all these. You got my back:)<3