2009's Last

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Its been quite a long time I didn't really updating my baby blog (cause I kinda just re-post the news xD).
Well, 2009.. Its such a hard and not so good year for me. Too many bad things happened throughout this year. And plus, it never stops until now, this current seconds tickling, I'm not in a good condition now:( I've lost the person I love the most. And I missed her badly. I cried a lot this lately. I need you mom. I can't stop the tears from rolling down through my cheeks esp in this several passed weeks. I miss you so much! You are everything to me Mummy, and now I have to get through every single challenges and adventures afterwards all by myself. I really have to be strong. Just like you Mummy:( I hope a new year beginning become a new chapter for me and Farah Nurdiana is going to be an INDEPENDENT, TOUGH woman!

Last 7 days, I travelled much. most of the times were spent outdoors. And so as being in the car(gosh I really dislike it). I went to Penang with my aunt's family. Yeah, I've a wonderful moments there but at the same time, I'm hurt:(
Cameron Highlands is also the place that we visited. Since it has been ages that I din't go to, durhh, I am not interested to go there again next time. It was such a boring place. Well, it's okay if you want to go there, but once is enough, really! There's nothing much interesting other than shopping teas, strawberrys and veges. Get a chance to enjoy the beautiful sceneries. But it was just that. Once is enoughXD

Alors, new year's resolution? naah. I don't have any specified one. Just go with the flow. Be stronger. Thats all.

Et finalement, this is the last post for 2009. My last words for you 09',



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John Terry has been named in the inaugural selection of the FIFA/FIFPro World XI.It means the Chelsea captain has been chosen as one of the best 11 players of the year by over 50,000 professional football players from all over the world.

The selection was unveiled during the FIFA's World Player Gala in Zurich.

The full line-up is:

Iker Casillas in goal; Daniel Alves, Nemanja Vidic, John Terry and Patrice Evra in defence; Steven Gerrard, Xavi and Andres Iniesta in midfield; and Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres up front.

The World Player of Year for 2009 is Lionel Messi.

That accolade was voted for by the coaches and captains of 147 national teams. Second was Cristiano Ronaldo, followed by Xavi, Kaka and then Andres Iniesta.


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Shocking news!!!

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Goal.com UK sources inside Manchester City have revealed the players were rushed into the Eastlands changing room for a team meeting to announce the departure of Mark Hughes.

Reports have been circulating on Saturday that the Welshman will be sacked, and the players were called for an emergency meeting following the 4-3 win over Sunderland.

Former Inter Milan manager Roberto Mancini, whose son Filippo played for the City youth side, is reported to be lined up as Hughes' successor.

The club announced a statement will be released on Saturday at 19.30 but the staff and players were prepped in the changing room before an announcement was made.

The City boss failed to turn up to the post-match news conference ahead of a statement from the club, seemingly sealing his fate.

Italian newspaper Corriere Dello Sport report that Mancini will sign a three-and-a-half year deal worth €4m (£3.5m) a season.

The last time a dramatic last-minute meeting was called was minutes before Sven-Goran Eriksson was fired as City boss in April 2008.

At the final whistle Hughes made his way into the center circle of the pitch and waved to the stands, a gesture translated by many as a goodbye message.

Hughes took over from Eriksson in the summer of 2008 but his reign as Manchester City boss has been ruled by dealings off the pitch more than those on it. He was boss when the Abu Dhabi United investment group took over the club.

Suddenly his pockets were filled with millions as City became the world's richest club and he made large dents in the finances with the signings of Gareth Barry, Roque Santa Cruz, Emmanuel Adebayor, Carlos Tevez and Joleon Lescott.

But despite the string of Premier League stars coming in, his side has struggled this season, drawing more games than any other team this season.


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I LOVEEEEE playing this game<3


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I can't think of anything that makes sense.
I tried to sleep but I just can't.
I online back but things get worst.
I wish I can turn back time and do it well-planned.
But I'm just a small creature and take the flow.

I'm human. I'm MISERABLE

And the hardest part of living
Is just taking breaths to stay

Life is just unfair:(

A Shipwreck in The Sand

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Once upon a time
Before the lakes and rivers were polluted
Before the animals were poached to extinction
And before man had destroyed the earth's atmosphere
There was a great ship

This vessel was to venture into new waters
To find new resources
To make life easier and more enjoyable

It was a simple mission for the crew
Who were excited to be a part of this union
They pledged their allegiance to the captain
And vowed to be there no matter what
In sickness, health, and possible death

As time passed by, there was no new land to be found
As the days grew shorter
And the nights grew longer and colder
The crew became more and more
Skeptical about the captain's vision
Originally passionate and committed true and faithful
They now began to revolt

You crossed the line
I was honest
I never promised anything
Just a brotherhood to stand for something
And everyone should take the lead
Follow your dreams
If you don't try you fail

As the mutiny started
And the captain was overthrown and chained
He asked them why their minds had changed
There's no gold to be found
No treasure in the ground
We won't die for this
We won't die for you

You've lost your minds
I was honest
I never promised anything
Just a brotherhood to stand for something
And even if they disagree
Follow your dreams
If you don't try, you fail

This dream is now
A shipwreck in the sand
They gave up, they made all their demands
The storm consumed fifty seven souls
Who died in vain, his love they stole

This union a battle fought and lost
This union is not about the cause
This union was never about love
(This union (2x)) (2x)

This union a battle fought and lost
This union was about the cause
This union was never about a love


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Okay I got a question here
Why does everyone seems to think that this shisha'ing is something that makes you look cool and you got to do it and show the pictures of you doing that not-cool-at-all thing on myspace or facebook or whatever so that everyone could give a new expressions for you?
Oh gosh, come on laa. That thing is sooo not healthy and not even beneficial kott.

Come on laa people,
Live on a healthy lifestyle laaa.
no heart feelings. it's just in my point of view

12th December

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Sorry 'cause I didn't update my blog yesterday(who cares anyway)
I lended my notebook to my bro in law 'cause he has same catchups to do.Nvm laa.

Oh yea, why the title of this blog is 12th Dec which was supposed to be 'yesterday'.hmmm, actually this date really 'meant' something to me.
It happened about two years ago. I used to get in this loveydovey thing(kinda awkward for me now). And suddenly Idk why the memories flashedback in my mind yesterday. He really is something to me when we were together. All those quotes and sayings, thats what makes me into him. Yes, I admit that those words melt my heart. My friends said the same thing too. But all of them were gone. And I didn't regret for that. We ended up the relationship last year. And its me who make the decision but its HIM who MAKE me. I do want to be his friend for now. I told him so, but he didn't want. I still remember those words;
"I tried to make it twice, so I wanna avoid you for the third time. I don't wanna hurt you anymore".
See, this is guys. They easily hurt people. Its hard for me to trust anyone. And thats why till now, I ain't got any boyfie yet. Plus, I'm a bit choosy.:( I admit that.
Okay, enough for that. I just wanted to share with all of you, readers. Because some says that I ain't got feelings. Aku ade perasaan okay. Hehehe. Tunggulahh nanti mat saleh mane jadi boyf aku. HARHARHAR.-______-

I watched football match yesterday. Chelsea vs Everton. Game played at home. Its a drew. And I HATE that. All those goals from Chelsea were beautiful. But they made too much mistakes. They showed all their weaknesses. The defense were very bad. Too much misunderstanding between them. What happen man? The same thing happened last season. During Christmast. Don't make the same nightmare happened again. The trophy is gonna be ours this year! No more Man Utd lifting that precious trophy. I know we were better than them. And plus they didn't take the chance to go on level with Chelsea last night. :) Go BLUES!

And lastly, I missed you Nur Asyikin Al-Jeffry.:(

Terry says

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"I'm not going to shirk away from any challenges thrown at me in my career"

Funny though

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Hmm, its just another ordinary day. I woke up a bit late this morning. Tido lambat kot last night. Then I took a bath and went downstairs for breakfast. Unfortunately, susu out of stock lahh pulak. Cancel laa. Tunggu lunch jelah camtuh.

And, FYI, I cooked sayur for lunch tadi.!!YEAYY. Dah reti masak sayur:))
Haha. Well, I never cook for family meal before this. Before this pon masak ape je ponn, goreng2 instant foods ada lahh.:)

Congratulations to me ehh:P

And petang tadi pergi rumah Ibu, tolongtolong sketsket.

Tu jelaa. Malam nnanti kalau ade bnd best I'll post it here. Chalo


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Hey dudes and dudettes. I am so proud to be called a SPM-leavers now. A day passed by, I kept thinking and wondering what my life could have been like afterwards. Frankly, I already missed school babe! Friends are the best. I love em much!

8th December was the last paper. It's Chemistry. Really, I gave my best! My very best. Its all the God's job now. And I just have to keep praying. I seriously wanna studies abroad man! Its my dream, my family's hope, and of course that's the best thing that I'll make Mummy proud. I know I don't get the chance to pay all your BIGGGG sacrifices, but I've done my very best Mummy. Thank you.:)

When I reached home yesterday, I do feel kinda awkward. :D I questioned myself, what do I have to do everyday, cooking? driving? housechores? babysitting? and hoyeah, a COUCH POTATO? Oh mann, I hate being without best buddies.

Thought of working, but macam malas lah pulakk kann. Kang orang ajak keluar and tak boleh join kan dah sedihh:( Oh yea, I hang out with my friends today, we watched NEW MOON. Okay I know it was kinda outdated but hey, I have exams okay. Shut the hell up. And time balik tadi, I get a ride with my ex schoolmate(I'm not a schoolgirl anymore:P), to be clear, primary school friend. Tariq Hashim. Just can't believe that he still remember me. Dia yang tegur ak kot kat Topshop tadi. Haha. Then we have a conversation in the bus, mann, he's smarter than me. Agak segan ckp psl education with him. :P He also told me that one of our senior get an offer to Canada. What a surprise! I kinda proud of him.

Hmm, tomorrow kene pegi tolong Ibu. Kak Zila nak kahwin. As a good neighbour, lend a hand laaaaa!:P

And this is my plans for this freakkiiiinnnn longggggggg holidayyy:

  • Driving lessons
  • Guitar lessons
  • Watching all football matches(I vowed myself not to miss one)
  • English class
  • Hangout with friends
  • Cooking class?(homesweethome):P
  • Working perhaps
Give me ideas fellas:)

Okay thats all for this entry, and no worries cause I'll update my blog more often after this ya. Keep reading. Enjoy it. Merci beaucoup:)

Forever a TRUE BLUE

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Manager Carlo Ancelloti has affirmed that John Terry - who City boss Mark Hughes tried to sign in a high-profile summer purchase -will remain at Stamford Bridge for the rest of his career.

The inevitable sale of defender Richard Dunne led Hughes to adopt a summer recruit plan that involved a brace of centre-back acquisitions, however, Terry snubbed the speculated offer from City, and Hughes instead turned to Everton's Joleon Lescott and Arsenal's Kolo Toure.

"I never thought he would play for another club," Ancelotti claimed in The Daily Express. "He is a symbol of this club and a fantastic captain.

"It wasn't necessary for me to speak to him in the summer because he wanted to stay. I was never fearful he would leave. I can't see him playing for any other club. I hope for him and for the club he will stay for the rest of his career.

"Terry isn't just important for his technical quality but his behaviour and personality off the pitch," added Ancelotti.

"He is the player I expected and man I expected. Players like Terry are a big advantage for coaches because if the players want to know how to train and behave, they just look at him.

"I like to have a joke with Terry - not just with him but all my players. I maintain a good atmosphere with the players but sometimes there is a time for respect and when that time comes I ask respect from my players."