Casey James went home:(

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Huhu, so sad laa wey. Sampai feel like crying. I've been supporting him since day 1. The day Kara asked him to take off his shirt and Posh being way too impressed with the talent he got. huhu. You can tell why do I like him if you're watching American Idol this season from the audition day. His style, his voice, his guitar playing skills. But whatever it is, I'm sure he'll still be a great musician afterwards because he has been doing it all this while. And by the way, I hope Lee wins, he's just as good as Kris Allen. Goodluck!:)

Day 1.

This is the reason why.

You Know How I Feel

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Let the pictures do the talking cause you know how I feel:)

Kick off.

I didn't watch the opener, So sad:(

Cech saves Boateng's penalty! Decisive moment!

Terry COMEL!<3

Terry COMEL lg:)

Ni Lampard pulak comel:)

Yeay kite menang! Sexaaayyyyhhhh=0


My Hero:)


Three years in a row! DOUBLE BUBBLE=)

Memorable night, Memorable season!

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Favourite quote:
"For a team that is supposed to be too old," Drogba joked, "we can be proud of what we achieved today."

Ahaaa, since I haven't updating anything related to football recently, so this is gonna be a long one. 

:), That's what the title of this post is all about. I think I'm gonna write the report in details. ahahah

So the match started and guess what, ahh not guess lah but urghhh Wigan controlled the possession. I was freakin nervous! Because Chelsea barely get the ball. But it just took 5 mins to break the tensions. Anelka made it. I was a little bit relieved but man,! 1-0 is never good enough. 

So Chelsea got the second by Lampard. It came from the penalty kick. Yeah Drogba eagerly wanted to take the penalty spot but anything could happen at this crucial moment, just let the professional took the responsibility right? And yes, it worked really well. 22nd goal for Super Frankie Lampard this season. Congrats for being such a superb midfielder!

And next, its Kalou's time. This man really deserved the first eleven place. Sorry Joe Cole but as far as I'm being Chelsea's number one fan, Kalou did better than Cole. So its 3-0 now! Ahaaa, what's more interesting about tonight is that in each goal made by Chelsea, then the small box will appear on the screen in which it shows that Man U were scoring at the same time. It was such a hard battle.

Anelka did it again for the fourth goal. Its quite surprising because yeah, its been a long time since he last scored. And tonight, he did both of them beautifully. But, I don't think its gonna be a place for him in the starting eleven next year. 

Still, no goal from Drogba. I saw him trying so hard to get the goal and finally! He made it. Not just once, a superb hattrick form Didier Drogba and then it was confirmed that he is going to get the Golden Boot. Congrats Didi!

And the last goal was from Ashley Cole. And it was absolutely magnificent! A superb volley! 

So, its 8-0 for Chelsea! What a record! I was extremely excited and happy! 

Ahaa, sorry for all those Facebookers because perhaps your newsfeed was full with my status tonight. :D
I just wanted to express my feelings. Nothing is wrong with that. But it kinda annoys me when a few people trying to argue that the match was biased, Chelsea's fans were over reacting and bla bla bla. What The Hell man? We won the title, it's not a crime to express our joy on this glorious night. We did a fantastic job this season. We really deserved to win. 

Hmm, I'm gonna admit that this is my first time watching Chelsea won the title. Y'know, I started being a Chelsea fan after the 2006 WC, and I barely get the chance to watch every Chelsea match LIVE since I'm in a boarding school. So, its my very first time watching Captain John Terry holding that premiership trophy live broadcasting. And its a full enjoyment to watch them celebrating the win in Stamford Bridge. I wish I could be there but nvm, the time will come:)

Oh yea, I saw Toni Terry and the twins, Summer and Georgie, they were uber cute! And its so sweet watching them altogether happy as a family.:)

I'm very very happy for supporting Chelsea all the way. I was so impressed watching the spirit among the lads, especially the experts like Terry, Lampsy, Didi and Ballack. They did it very well. The feeling was magnificent because it's hurt for three years inside me watching United win it season after season.:DD

And lastly, goodluck for the FA Cup Final next week. I'm longing for the double. And surely it'll make Carlo as one of the best Chelsea manager. 

A few Updates

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I'm a little surprised to acknowledge you're 'that' bitchy

I miss my guitar class A LOT!

I just get back from sleepover at Sarah's

I 'henna'ing my nails BLACK!:D

I'm gonna miss Balqis and Ain like crazy!

New new new

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Cun tak page baru nih? Bukan setakat cun, MANTAP kann? Terima kasih daun pudina kerana memuji.xD wakakaka lantak ah nk ckp aku perasan ke ape, tapi aku memang suke gile datuk nenek moyang punye kat template+layout nih. hehehe. Ni baru DIAN! The previous one was so not me lah. hehs. Aku asyik bukak page ni je dr tadi. wakakaka. fine fine k aku stop. PEACE YAWW!


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Yesterday I went to their concert at Central park Avenue One Utama. perghh it was freakin WORTH IT! Wanna know why? It is because I got the MEET AND GREET pass and I got the chance to meet them in person. But, thats not all, the BEST thing was, BILL KAULITZ friggin HUGGED me baby!!!! OMG OMG OMG! Okay fine, yeah, I am not his number one fan or something, but dude, seriously, meeting him in person and get the chance to stand and took a picture with him was magnificent! Just by looking at his beautiful face and his skinny leg and most importantly gorgeous hairstyle really made me stunned! Fine, perhaps he's gay but WTH, I don't give a shit. He's effin GORGEOUS!

We went there after attending the gathering at Atai's, and arrived around 430. It was a stucked traffic nearby the carpark. I went there with Akem and Izzah Amani. And we met Ayu and her friends inside OU and then about an hour later, Nabila Sarah arrived. And the around 6 pm, the gate was open and we RAN inside to get the front spot. The funny thing was, mse larilari tu, ade plak ternampak kasut sebelah, tah kasut siapa lah tuu, kesian dia tgk konsert takde kasut. wakakkaka. Dengan camera Izzah punye penutup terjatuh lah apelah. Lawak gilaa. Tu laaa excited sgt.
Then the opening starts, there was POP SHUVIT, *okay fine I know I'm not into malay act but POP SHUVIT was awesome, I have to admit that. And there was BUNKFACE and DJ Tiesto?? kot laa. Not very sure. The opening took soo long. Damn it I was already tired at that time, but with the eager feeling to watch TOKIO HOTEL right in front of us, it doesn't matter lahh kan. 

Around 845pm baru lahh TOKIO HOTEL start perform. Mannn, they were AWESOME! Camne ehh nak ckp, macam I WAS VERY IMPRESSED because his voice was just the same like studio version. Yelahh kann biasenye time konsert suara macam tak best kann, but his voice was exactly the same lahh. With his outstanding style tuu, memg worth it!. 

Hehe tapi kitorg takdlah stand in the crowd till the end of the concert. In the middle tu kitorg blah sbb memg dah sgt2 tak larat, kaki macam nak tercabut, nak lompat2 pun dah tak larat. Perut aku pun sama buat concert jgk. haishh. But we still watch it from the outside lah. Lagi clear kot. hmm nvm lah.

So the concert end about 1030. Then with my Meet and Greet pass, I met them at the backstage:))

Hmm, dah time nak balik tu, boleh la pulak kan kereta buat hal, battery habis. BANGANG gle ahh. Bikin wa cuak je. Lucky me I wasn't alone. Ade Nabila and Hakim. So we asked the Pak Guard to help us. He called the machanics. Urghh, I wasn't expecting this such thing would happen to me. I was freakin out at that time, yelahh, it was already 11++ kot. Pukul bape nak sampai rumah macam tu. haishh. Memg cuak habis lah. So the mechanics did his job and I have to pay RM30 for the jumper**. Thank you so much to Nabila and Akem! Without both of you memang aku dah nangis dah kat situ. So, the car was fine and I have to send Akem home at Sg Buloh first sbb time tu impossible nak carik public transport. Then hantar Nabila balik rumah nenek dia kat Ampang. Nasib baik ade kwn smpi Ampang ohh. Thanks so much Nabila!!

So, it was a hectic day for me. But I REALLY HAD A BLAST! What an experience of a lifetime! The best and the worst thing happened to me. Thanks for the adventure!:)

**hehe amek ko panjang gile post nih. next post tah bile2 la plak kan ekekekek
**Chelsea menang tadi, what a GREAT game! But still got the final match of the season which will define who's the champion. MAY THE BEST WIN (Its CHELSEA OF COURSE)