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Wayne, who is the toughest defender you have played against?

That’s a tough one. I’ve played against so many defenders around the world it’s difficult to pin-point one player. But if I had to choose one defender, it would have to be John Terry.
He’s a very physical player and always gives everything for England. You can concentrate on your game and not worry about the defence conceding because he always plays well.


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You might think I'm crazy, nuts, insane or whateverr. But I am too obsessed with this man. He's PERFECTO!

Okay, let me tell you the reasons why do I really adore MR. JOHN TERRY:

  • He's intelligent! *in football way lahh 

  • He's a NATURAL BORN LEADER. A Chelsea captain and also the England Captain. Who's more eligible than he is? I can't think of one. Despite that Mr. Beckham lose the armband after the FIFA '06. Come on, this is soooo true, and UNDENIABLE. You don't think so, then you are a son of a bitch loser. I give you my word! loserrr. Everyone's saying that he is the most responsible man. Let's give it a try, if you see any of his game, when one of his teammate getting down, he's the one to come and ask " Are you okay mate?" . Gerrard don't do it all the time but clearly, Terry does! 

  • He's the best defender on Earth. It's the 4th consecutive year that he got the place for the FIFA WORLD BEST XI. Does anyone ever won the places many times like he did? NO ONE! NOBODY! And have you seen the match between England and Trinidad Tobago? WELL YOU SHOULD SEE! bola dah sampai tiang goal pun dia boleh save lagiiiii:) BAPAK TERROR AHH!

  • He's a Superstar Dad! Heyyy, he won the DAD OF THE YEAR award! 

  • He's never get involved in any scandals. And plus, it's been about ten years of his relationship with Toni Poole. They got twins. I am being strike by pangs of  jealousy:((

  • He's a one club man. Very very loyal one. And he got the captaincy since he was 23 years old. Too young for the title actually BUT he really DESERVES IT!

  • The tears from the Champions League final isn't because of he is vulnerable or what so ever! He just too disappointed that he didn't make the penalty into a legendary win. And that really shows that he is the MOST RESPONSIBLE CAPTAIN ON EARTH.

  • And he's HILARIOUS!

  • Who scores the only goal in Chelsea vs Manchester United last November? ITS HIM. My deary Mr. JT! You've made me screams in the Study room dude!!!!! 
Okay, that's enough. Actually there's soo much more that I didn't tell ya! Someday maybe. ITS JUST TOO MUCH. And it perhaps won't fit this page:DD


They're cute:))

What's on my mind?

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Ohh yeahh, I think I've to make some changes to the appearance of myself.




Finally, after a long one year and a half, I'LL BE HAVING A HAIRCUT TOMORROW:)

Is it true? I don't know. :( Its SAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! I never had a longggggggg hair like this before. A very very long one.

So, I decided to just having a TREATMENT:)) yeayyy! Its better.
*for me lahh yang terlalu menyayangi rambutku ini. cehhh macam rambut lawa sangat! deyyy!

Say bubye to this hair:(


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POOF! This, whoever owns this number, you crossed the line! ( ecehh bajet power plakkk:DD )

I don't know who you are, its weird. yeah, Hell Ms.Weidorschtein*sorry cause I watched too much Supernatural lately:P ( pls neglect whether this unknown freak person is a man or women )

To start the story, last night, errr 23rd Jan night, this number texted my maxis num. Since I haven't top-up the credits for like errr, I can't even recalled, I didn't use it much. *Just using it to get updates on the football stuffs.

And then, I asked this unknown, hrmm susahnye. Bagi namelahhh, hmmmmm, "Un-known". Perhaps its easier for you to read.heh :B. For the record, I also did called Un-known. But Un-known didn't answer any of it. So I decided to get over with it. And the next day which is 24th Jan, Un-known texted me a few times and asking who am I. HELLO! That is MY QUESTION! Grrr, please don't be a copycat, will you? -___-

Here it goes;

23rd Jan on my maxis num
Un-known: Hoih!
Me: Who's this? * I replied with my Celcom num. Tried to call but Un-known didn't answer-.-'

24th Jan
Un-known: Sape neyh?
Un'known: Salam, ne sape? * Told ya I want to get over it. Plus, if you do really knows me, I don't prefer texting. MALAS NAK TYPE. Sorry to say, but it's hard to change. ngehehehehe
Un-known: Who r u?

Me: Who are you? You texted my Maxis num last night.

Un-known: Heh, excuse you..pudden me?. u r da one who mizkol me 3 times like a crazy person..plz

Me: This is because I wanna know who r u. Like I said earlier, you texted my Maxis num last night. And why don't you just chill and be polite. It's not a big deal.

Un-known: Being polite and chill to some idiot who said that urm... wtv?. talk to stranger!.y dun u untroduce 1st.don't u?

* I called Un-known. But again, no answer. 

Me: Why don't you pick up the damn phone? Coward enough? Screw you!

Un-known: Hahaha.. y do I have to answer yours?. do I have too? uuh.weml..stranger is not allowed okay. just like viruses *WTH! 

*I decided not to reply Un-known again cause I know there's no point trying to consider with a JACKASS! But Un-known keep texting me again and again. And here's the message

Un-known: No more english word? haha. go find a dictionary lorh.k/
*OHH Un-known's english is just in ADVANCE MODE! Don't you think dear readers? :D My english teacher will be frustrating reading all Un-known's messages. TRUST ME:)) And Idk why she has to put this thing up.

Me: Better talk in real or I'll call you. Dare to answer? I don't think so.

Unknown: Talk in real? wut do u meant by that? k la.wtv..juz one thing about me.. i really hate plkn. fine!
*LOL. This is funnaaayyy! haha. I didn't relpy Un-known. MALASSS! But, Un-known keep calling and texting over and over again. Err, misscall actually.  

Un-known: Hoih

Un-known: Hoyt. who r u huh?

Un-known: Excuse me..may I know who r u..plz.ur numb shows that ur from kl ryte?

* Un-known said that she doesn't like stranger and all that. Idk why she still keep asking. STUPIDOS!
** I use "her" because I don't think a man act like this. You too, aren't you dear readers?:D

Me: You know who's number is this? 017-6*80*97
* It's my Maxis number. I replied her cause I'm getting fed-up. I WANNA WATCH TV LAHHH ASSHOLE! Darn it why you keep bothering me!-_______________-

Un-known: Urm. i don't know.y??1
 * FYI, she sends me this message twice. See how do I feel? rimasssssss!!!! aku tengah type lahh!

Me: Fyi, you texted that num yesterday. And it's my Maxis num. Thats why I asked you who you are. And idk why you have to be soo annoying with me. Throwing harsh words at me, calling ma an idiot, saying that I'm a stranger with viruses. You said that you don't want to talk to me but when I didn't reply your message and then you keep misscalled me and asked me to reply you. And why do you even have to tell me that you hate PLKN? That's none of my bussiness! And you're just pathetically coward to talk to me on the phone cause you didn't answer any of my call. GET A LIFE!

Un-known: Ouh.. i'm so sorry. i didn"t mean to hurt anyof your feeling.i don't know that ur so sensitive.haha..juz relax k..i am really2 sorry..

That's the end. huhhh! What a freak! It makes me think twice to write about this.heh. But it'll make a lil fun for you to read this right? People are getting weird nowadays. There are soo many different kinds of attitudes and I'm just started to learn how to get through all that. Pasal message pun nak get offended. Mcm2. 



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Okay. Here's the list of some of the guitarists that I adore and whom making me really into this instrument

  • Jason Wade- He's from Lifehouse. I adore him since I was like Standard 6. I bought their cassette and also CD. See how am I addicted to his husky voice singing You And Me?:))

    • Mattew Bellamy- He's my all time favourite. Also the vocalists and guitarist of MUSE. He ha a super duper power alluring voice. And all about him is very very very unique for me. None are the same. I heart you Matt!

      • John Mayer- You are really adorable. Listed in the best guitarist in the world rasenye. You are such an amazing cute guy. Daughters song really melt my heart dude. And also Your Body Is A Wonderland<3

        • Jason Reeves- All his songs really calmed myself. And I never get bored listening to them. Photographs And Memories is a MASTERPIECE:)

            • SYNYSTER GATES- This dude is one heck of GUITAR GOD. I adore him, I love him, I like him, all about him! AFTERLIFE solo is just BLISTERING! You're the best! 
            And soon to be one of them,Farah Nurdiana :)

              OHHH MYYY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!

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              I've finally found the song that I've been searching for what's the title is for about 4years! OMG! OMG! OMG! Well actually its not me who find it out, it's Izzah.
              Actually this song punye story is, when we were in Form two, memang bestfriend gile2 and selalu lepak same sume. And we always listening to the songs together. And we like this song so muchhh! But we never knew what's the title is. We tried to search it on the internet and other source for years and today, a few minutes ago, FINALLY WE FIND IT OUT! How happy and excited I am nowww! OMG!!! It really reminds me of the old times Izzah:)

              Trees - Marty Casey & Lovehammer

              M Shadows talks about THE REV

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              I don’t know how to start this or know where to begin. First I would like to thank all the fans for their support through the passing of Jimmy. It has been comforting to see his fans, our fans, and everyone in general give their support. Jimmy was my best friend, as he was best friends with many other people including the members of Avenged Sevenfold. He was hands down the greatest person I have ever known. I told him I loved him everyday. He demanded your love and was never afraid to give it back. I have walked side by side with Jimmy, everyday, for the last 18 years of my life. I have no memories before Jimmy, and it’s going to be damn hard to move forward without him here. It still doesn’t seem real. He was my best friend, songwriting partner, band mate, confidant, and most importantly, he was my brother. The crazy thing about Jimmy was that everyday was a crazy story. We have told our favorite Jimmy stories for the last 2 weeks and never have we repeated ourselves. This guy was magical. The out pour of art from his soul was unlike the world has ever seen. Unless you spent a day with Jimmy, or 18 years, it’s impossible to explain, so I’m not going to try. He inspired people in different ways. He wasn’t just a drummer, he honestly didn’t care so much for the technical side of drums, cause he could play anything he wanted. He was all about creating beautiful songs, original fills and hopefully touching people with his art and mind. He told all of us for years, including his parents, that he knew two things in life. He wanted to be a rockstar, and that he wasn’t going to live past 30 years old. He was right on both accounts, but I know Jimmy, and if he knew how much pain this would cause for the ones he left behind, he would have done anything he could to stick around a little longer. Jimmy gave so much and in the end it was his time to go. All my reasons for wanting him to stay are selfish and I know he is in a better place then this, so in a way I’m joyful that my best friend is now at peace. He made it to the other side first and I can’t wait to hang with him again. I have so much to say but can’t find the words so I will wait until time can allow me to find a way to express myself. As for the rest of us, it has become clear what we need to do. We had just finished writing a record with Jimmy. I can’t promise what the future holds because right now it’s too painful to think about, but we know we need to record and put out this record in honor of Jimmy, for Jimmy. He would call me every night to talk about songs and tell me “this shit is gonna change the world.” I agreed with him, unfortunately I didn’t know it would be on these terms. Please be patient with us for we cannot imagine how hard this is gonna be to get through, we just know we have to do it for his legacy. After that, who knows? But I know Jimmy will help us make that decision when the time comes. I love you Jimmy and I feel like the luckiest man in the world to have known you and spent 18 years of my life with you. Rest in Peace my friend.

              M. SHADOWS


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              "I bid £750,000 for him, it was a lot of money for me then, and Chelsea accepted it. But the boy didn't want to leave Stamford Bridge at the time. I was close but at the death he didn't want to go."

              Since then, Terry has forged a reputation as one of Europe's sturdiest defensive figures.

              He continued: "John Terry's everything you want in a central defender, he's a born leader. He was only a boy then but, on a cold day in January at Nottingham Forest he was just like 'Bring it on'; he was fantastic."


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              Okay, this post is gonna be quite long I think, so you decide, to read or not to:)


              Firstly, I finally completed my after-school-to-do-list. Well, not 'completed', but I can put a tick on all the stuffs in that list.:) I enrolled for the English class ths evening. Woah! I'm so EXCITED! It is located near Ampang Point. Yang dekat 'Korean Town' tuh. LOL. The exciting part is, you know how excited I am when meeting foreigners, especially when the person is going to be my 'future friend'. hahahahah. Its Language Studio. The owner is an Englishman kott. I can't even speak Malay there cause I don't think that they'll understand me. Memg fully speaking. Gosh, you know how bad I am to communicate in english. Writing bole laa lg. Okay, first, when I get there, I asked the person at the counter(foreigners jugak) bout the fee sume and what course are offered there. Then, I have to sit for the test to determine which level that I'm in. It takes 30 mins to finish the test. Warghh, dah lame tak amek test2 nih, cuak sket laa tadi:D In that test, there are 50 objective Qs and I have to make an essay about myself. Then dapatlaa result. I'm in what level tah can't recall. Later I'll tell ya.
              So, I'll start the classes nextweek. On Monday. Can't wait lol! But nervous pun ada. Yelah, takleh speak Malay:( And I have to be active and speak up in the class. Wish me luck peeps!

              Paul Wesley<3
              Secondly, about my new addiction, The Vampire Diaries! Woahh, why a vampire must have a freakin good looks? Durhh. Memg tak tahan dooo. Smart gilaaa. Okay this series is about a Vampire. Ala ala Twilight sume tu laa tapi this is wayyyyy much much much better. There are lots of hot hunk! Hot bodies! OMG!!!! Yeah yeah, I just can't resist myself from admiring guys with muscular body type! Hot bebehh! Ade SIX PACS! awwwwww! hahah. I get this tv series from Epah's hard disc. I watched it once on StarWorld. But, it only takes 1 day for me to finish one season:)) I watched it all day long! Ohh I LOVE YOU STEFAN SALVATORE!

              Next, I missed the gathering. Sorry KZ. Nak sgt join tau.:(

              And lastly, Happy Birthday SKA


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              I'm proudly announced here, 
              "Today, I'm able to tune the guitar with MIA song.And I feel ECSTATIC!:))"

              **everybody applausing

              KLCC and JPJ Test

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              Yesterday, some of the 0509 ML members went to KLCC including me lahh of course. Yeah, it was hell funnn! Eventho we watched so-called-creepy-scary-movie, f**k! Memang buang mase habes ahh tengok mv tuh. Ju Onn. Bapak tak seram langsung aahh. Nak wat mcm yang terkejot2 tu pon tak jadi. Bodo punye director. But the fun part is:

              1. We're all a bit late entering the cinema. Dahlaa ramai, kalau sikit bleh r cte. Masuk pas2 buat bising lak tuh. Tak nmpk seats punye pasal kann.haishh.
              2. We laugh a lot in the cinema. Like we 'owned' cinema. HAHA. Everyone is 'ssshhhhhhhhh-ing' , but who cares, biaselahh, bdk SEMASHUR kalw tak bising bkn bdk Semashur namenye tuh.xDDD

              Teew, Me, Dila, Izzat, Syafiq, Sarah, Shark, Fadh, Farah, Akem, Lisa, Emira, Shah, Epah, Emy, Nabel:))

              Thank you guys, you made my day:)

              Okay, I just get back from the driving class, I have JPJ test just now. And the thing I wanna talk about is my resulttttt. Guess what, I passed it with just 42 marks. Gile ahh! Memang btolbtol cukup makan. Frankly, I don't read the KPP book. Malas ahh! I have my beautiful holiday, so why ruined it?durhh. SPM dah habis kann? Its not the time yet to have some reading. Har Har Har:DD I only hold the book for 15 minutes last night and before entering the computer lab td. Can imagine just how much facts goes into my head?LOL. Banyak gilee ak tibai! Memang taktau ahh. Luckily I passed.:) Shaking kott mse jawab. Dah kuar and dah tau lulus pun still shaking lagi. GRRR!

              And this evening,I'll start my Guitar Class at Yamaha, Ampang Point. Really looking forward for that. YEAY!

              Wind Chill

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              I remembered, at school, English subject. We were asked to make an essay ending with "If I would have known this will happen, I won't do it" (KOT lahh. ak men tibai je, well, Sounds like okay!).
              Ms Puteri yg suruh. Then she divides us into a few groups. Each consisted with 4 students. And in mine, there was me, Beng, Leha and Miyok.
              So, Ms Puteri asked us to make an essay based on this title and turn it into a horror, funny, sad, and ape lagi tah, can't recalled. So my group have to make a horror version. So since me and Miyok is kind of a potato couch, kitorang pon citelahh kat Leha and Beng psl 1 cte yg bla bla bla....
              But, none of us remembers what the title is. The story line were also unclear and not very detailed. Tapi takpe ahh dorang still accept that as a horror movie.

              And to make it short, since I have nothing to do today, I am being a couch potato again. I watched AXN. Bad Boys 2. So, when it came to the iklan part, ade iklan nak tayang 1 movie nihh. And surprisely, it was that movie that I'm talking above! pergghhh! Rase macam nak terus text dorang bgtaw bende nihh.
              But SADLY, all of them sume g PLKN.! Sh*t! Bapak tragis ahh(over). Kan best kalau dapat share n dorang. CISSSSS!!!!


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              Man-mountained Terry? Ohh WOW!

              R.I.P Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan

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              It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world's best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy's family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time.

              Jimmy you are forever in our hearts.
              We love you.

              M Shadows, Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ

              Afterlife" is a song by American rock band Avenged Sevenfold. The is released as the third single from their self-titled album. It includes a unique musical style not featured in any other Avenged Sevenfold song, the song itself features a string orchestra and was written by the band's drummer, The Rev. It was voted the best song of the new album on the band's homepage. The single and a live-action music video were released in early 2008."

              This is the greatest song I've ever heard on Earth. I love this song very very very much. And it was written by him. I'm extremely sad. Rest In Peace, Jimmy Sullivan:(

              You're the Best drummer,
              You're a LEGEND,
              You'll be missing:(