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You might think I'm crazy, nuts, insane or whateverr. But I am too obsessed with this man. He's PERFECTO!

Okay, let me tell you the reasons why do I really adore MR. JOHN TERRY:

  • He's intelligent! *in football way lahh 

  • He's a NATURAL BORN LEADER. A Chelsea captain and also the England Captain. Who's more eligible than he is? I can't think of one. Despite that Mr. Beckham lose the armband after the FIFA '06. Come on, this is soooo true, and UNDENIABLE. You don't think so, then you are a son of a bitch loser. I give you my word! loserrr. Everyone's saying that he is the most responsible man. Let's give it a try, if you see any of his game, when one of his teammate getting down, he's the one to come and ask " Are you okay mate?" . Gerrard don't do it all the time but clearly, Terry does! 

  • He's the best defender on Earth. It's the 4th consecutive year that he got the place for the FIFA WORLD BEST XI. Does anyone ever won the places many times like he did? NO ONE! NOBODY! And have you seen the match between England and Trinidad Tobago? WELL YOU SHOULD SEE! bola dah sampai tiang goal pun dia boleh save lagiiiii:) BAPAK TERROR AHH!

  • He's a Superstar Dad! Heyyy, he won the DAD OF THE YEAR award! 

  • He's never get involved in any scandals. And plus, it's been about ten years of his relationship with Toni Poole. They got twins. I am being strike by pangs of  jealousy:((

  • He's a one club man. Very very loyal one. And he got the captaincy since he was 23 years old. Too young for the title actually BUT he really DESERVES IT!

  • The tears from the Champions League final isn't because of he is vulnerable or what so ever! He just too disappointed that he didn't make the penalty into a legendary win. And that really shows that he is the MOST RESPONSIBLE CAPTAIN ON EARTH.

  • And he's HILARIOUS!

  • Who scores the only goal in Chelsea vs Manchester United last November? ITS HIM. My deary Mr. JT! You've made me screams in the Study room dude!!!!! 
Okay, that's enough. Actually there's soo much more that I didn't tell ya! Someday maybe. ITS JUST TOO MUCH. And it perhaps won't fit this page:DD


They're cute:))


Comment by ainulbahiah on January 28, 2010 at 12:30 AM

ur prfct soulmate??
we ALL know :)

Comment by Farah Nurdiana on January 28, 2010 at 12:53 AM

yeah i knew that y'all know:))

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