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Woahh! Six subjects had already passed. Hopefully the examinor will give me extra marks. Here's some comments for all the six subjects:

Bahasa Melayu: Hmm, I gave my really best in this paper. Eventhough I'm sure my karangan is just an ordinary one, but thats the best I can give. Sorry laaa cause my BM memg tak pernah A1 pun. Nak dapat A2 pun susahh. But hopefully SPM nihh I'll get an A+ lahh pulak kann.

English 1119: Sh*t!!! I was very disappointed with myself. I can say that the essay that I've made on paper 1 is the worst from what I've done before. Memang teruk gilaa ahh. I get blanked for about 1/2 an hour. arghhh!!! Idk what's wrong with myself at that time. To make things worst, at first I've drafted on an open essay entitled Beauty. But then I pick another title and just straight forward writing them without even drafting. I'm really worried whether the examinor will give me a 40++ marks. Please God!:(

Sejarah: Paper 2 I just boleh buat esei je. Struktur kantoiiii!

Modern Maths: Okay kott.

PAI: Bole laaa:)

Additional Mathematics:
Paper 1: For the first time my answer sheet is filled completely with answers and I hope all that is correct.
Paper 2: I've tried my best. Just wait and see whats the result.

So far, I really had give my best. And I'm really hoping for a good results. Three more subjects to go, All the best for me. Pray for me fellas:)

Iklan jap

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Lionel Messi is the best player in the world - Spain striker David Villa

Valencia and Spain striker David Villa has declared Lionel Messi the best player in the world and says that he expects the Argentinian to have a great tournament at next year's World Cup finals in South Africa.

Spain and Argentina meet in a friendly at the Vicente Calderon tonight and Villa is under no illusion as to the quality of the 22-year-old from Rosario.

Messi has endured criticism in Argentina for his performances during qualification for the stumbling Albicelestes but Villa believes that it would be difficult for any player to give a good account of themselves when their team is not fairing well.

"When things don't go well at group level, it's hard for anyone stand out individually, but Messi is the best in the world for everyone," he told Sport.

"While we can complicate things, I have no doubt that Messi will have a great World Cup."

This is what I found while stressed up with history,HARHARHAR


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Actually I was reading SEJARAH F4 BAB 2 now and I'm getting fed up with this!!!ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! There's holy shit numerous facts in this chapter! Each page is full with tulisan yang berjuta2 facts and skit gle gamba. Senang cte memg byk gle facts ahh! TENSION GLE!!! Taktau r ble nak abes. Dari pukul bpe tah tadi ak bace tapi tak habishabis gakk! Bape juta kali ak selakselak page blakng tpi byk gak lagi!!!!argghhhh! God help me! Give me strength!!!!!!!