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I gotta AT LEAST write something

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Ahah, updates :

  • Chelsea won their first match of the season with style. 6-0 baybeeehhhh :) SWEET PIE !
  • Capello is such a douche bag for axing Beckham -.- F you !
  • My finals is in three weeks time. Gaaaahhhh, I am sooo not ready :(
  • I miss Rakan Baiks  A LOOOTTT ! Can't wait to meet you guys nextweek :)
  • I miss KL a lot ! Like A LOT ! I repeat, A LOOOOTTTT !!
Reminder :
  • Sometimes Chemistry makes me think twice about taking Petroleum Engineering :( God I need your guidance ! And come on girl, stop playing SUDOKU while Dr. Isa is teaching in front. Pay attention as much as what you gave on Physics lecture dude ! Stop fooling around and regret what you did over and over again ! 
  • Remember, eventhough MARA asked you to get 2.5 above for the CGPA, 3.5 is YOUR TARGET ! 
  • Make revisions during night time.
  • Less Youtube, Tumblr *durhhh this annoys me much !
  • Do the tutorials before the tutorial class lah weeyyyy ! Grow uppppp !

If I'm a gay, I want you to be my gay partner Hayley :D

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Paramore just hit the road on the Honda Civic Tour, and while Hayley Williams, as usual, deals with the assumptions surrounding being the only girl in the band, and the guys, well, get ripped doing P90X, the band's going to be giving you an inside look at their life on tour all August long onPosted.mtv.com. Check out Paramore's first update below -- a blog post from Hayley. And stay tuned for more photos, videos, blog posts and updates from Paramore.
So what's up everybody? Right now, I'm sitting in a trailer home which is currently doubling as our dressing room. The boys just finished doing P90X. Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Anyways, I was watching them do all these intense moves that are meant to help them achieve the perfect six pack, all shirtless and sweaty... then I got to thinking how many girls (and boys!) might wish they were in my shoes. You know, just watching a bunch of half-dressed sweaty guys get buff. I mean, to me this is just a normal day. Besides, I just think it's funny.

In every interview we've ever done, I get asked the question, "What's it like being the only girl in the band?" or some other version of it. It's not that it's annoying, it's just that I wonder what's so fascinating about it. (Other than watching the guys do P90X, right?) But I guess, sadly enough, I do recognize that it's still pretty rare to see a girl fronting a band and commanding a stage. Have you ever wondered why it's so difficult for girls to get into scene and be taken seriously? I have.
+ Read more of Hayley's blog after the jump.
When we started touring, there were next to no young women fronting bands like ours. And as lonely as that felt sometimes, I loved the challenge. I looked up to anyone who could control a crowd and not feel sorry about it. Usually those people were men who were twice my age. So, when we took the stage I'd forget about the fact that I was 16 and forget that I was one of the only girls in the scene. I would try and win over as many people as I could for the greater good of Paramore, all in the short 25 minutes we got to play. In many cases, this worked. Maybe it helped that I looked like a teenage boy? There were, however, the odd nights where pretty much all I was good for was a sounding board for various meatheads who's chivalry peaked at "Take of your top!". At 16 years old, I thought they must be crazy anyways... cause well, yes, I looked like a teenage boy. I stood my ground and never walked off any of those stages. Never let nobody get the best of me. Cause I knew that I wanted to do something important... mainly, make it in a world where people aren't supposed to make it. It's supposed to be tough but I never cared and neither did the guys. And here we are 5 years later. We're playing a whole hour longer than we did when we started, and the crowds are a lot bigger. I can't be too sure but I think this is what they call "making it." Nah, you know... I am absolutely sure. Why? Because I'll never forget where we came from. I'll never forget how it was lonely. How it was a challenge. How I loved playing the game and winning every night. The women who have earned this dream aren't much different than I am. And maybe not that different from you either. We all want to make it in a world where people aren't actually supposed to make it.
Check back later cause I'll be posting all the time. I like to type.


This is soo TRUE

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Sorry if I'm not good enough
*kak syiqin, kte curik:D


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"Apart from our own [players] I preferred Messi. Each game he played he made 20 chances to score, he is a phenomenon,"
-Del Bosque


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Kenapa aku takde mood nak blogging? Banyak doh interesting things happened to me. aaaaaaaa

I know its over but I just...

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One thing you know about me :)

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Pagi tadi, I was supposed to go the UTP's lake for Sukaneka. There were five of us, *supposedly. But since I tido lambat semalam, around 330am, I was unable to wake up in the morning. But what's worst is, my 'teammates' did tried to wake me up by calling my cell and knock my door and surely at the same time shouting my name over and over again! And guess what, I don't even realised all that! LOL! Memang tak sedar langsung! They told me they were knocking the door like it was going to break and kept shouting my name LOUDLY as hell and I didn't even heard them! HAHAHAHAHAH. I know I know I'm a bad girl! -.- But, I didn't planned for all that, I just tak sedar langsung. heheheh Sorrylaa babe! At 1030, the called my cell again and I picked up the phone,

Farah : "Dian, kitorg tgh makan kat V6 ni".
Me: "haa, kenapa tak kejut?"*whilst looking at the clock

And then I was WTF dah pukul 1030???? hahahahahahhaha.
Bila dorg dah balik barula cte how they've tried to wake me up. LOL I was laughing like hell when I knew it.
So, the conclusion, I am sooooo not a morning person. I can stay up all night with just listening to the musics but to wake up early in the morning is kind of a huge challenge for me heheheheh. Andd Imma SLEEPYHEAD! Trust me I'm good at it! hahahah.

I've been supporting them since I was a lil kid!

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This is why I called myself a Three Lions supporter!
And I love to watch David Beckham playing back then.

 I myself can't recall when is the first time I like football. I only knew that Beckham makes me love Football this much! :)
And Faiz is my bestfriend during primary schooltime! Oh only God knows how much do I missed him. 

I love the game at the first place.

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This is my current desktop background. hehe.
Mangat kann? tauu dah. 
Btw, tak sabar nak tengok Spain's match. 
Go David Villa!
Besok aku balik UTP. eh esok lak, harini laa. Bas kol 1030. Skang nih tengah tunggu match Germany vs Australia. Urghhh Rindu gilerrr sial nak tengok dgn Mel, Dila and Mira! :(
Hmm, match start at 230, msti hbs nk dkt2 kol 5 nnt. Pastu nak kne bangun awal lak. Haihh, tapi takpe, demi World Cup ku sayang:D
Class at 5. Bukannye lecture pun. Tutorial je. English pulak tuh. Kalau ikut hati, taknak aku balik. Tapi memandangkan tknk scholarship kne tarek, takleh la skip! Hmm.
Aku sbnanye taktau nak buat ape nih. Bosan lahh ade lg sejam nk tgu game start. So merepek jap kat sini. 
Dah r. Chow! Viva la Espana. *tbe2

Three Lions Forevahhhhh!
pssstt, I have a new Jersey:)

R.I.P Fatimah Zaharah bt Selan (1952-2009)

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10 june 2010 genap setahun Mummy pergi. And aku pun macam baru je nak completely believe in it. Frankly speaking, memang susahhh sangat sangat nak terima. But Allah has decides. Whatever it is, its FATED!

9 Jun 2009.
Dah malam2 tu Mummy call, macam biaselah, ble Mummy call je, sumeorg pun excited. berebut-rebut nak cakap. So I'm the one who picked up the phone, borak2 dgn Mummy macam biaselah Mummy tny pasal SPM sume. Pastu Mummy pun cakap dgn Ayong. Then turn aku balik, mase nak letak tu, tbe2 je Mummy cakap, "bye, take care, I LOVE YOU ALL. Mummy dah takleh selalu nak call sebab dah nak balik Msia dah, malas nak beli topup". Okay, what's weird in this conv is kenapa Mummy cakap I love you all, selalunye cakap I love you je. Tapi mase tu takdelah pelik, tapi Ayong ade cakap la, "kenapa Mummy tak cakap I love you kat Ayong?". huhu
huhu. So that was the LAST conversation between me and Mummy.

10 June 2010.
Sarah, Dila sume ajak kua g KLCC. And Idk why aku macam gila takde mood nak pegi. MEMANG PELIK GILA kott sbb dahla KLCC je. hmm. Then dlm pkul 11 lebih, abah g beli makanan for lunch. Balik2 je aku pun g lah sediakan makanan, tbe2 Abah dpt phone call dr no Mummy. Mase tu yang ade kat umah just Abah, Amani and me. Mase abah cakap kat telefon tu, aku dgr suara abah dah lain gle. Memang tak tentu arah sangat2. aku pun dah macam pelik dah, kenapa kenapa kenapa? bila abah hang up je, abah macam dah nak nanges, then abah pegang bahu aku, cakap "Nana, Mummy dah takde". aku pun menjerit sekuat hati. aku tak percaya. mase tu tengah pegang pinggan, habis aku lepas je pinggan tu, nasib baik plastik, takdelah pecah. Amani pun tercengang je. Tapi dia tak merengek. Amani senyap je tengok abah and aku tak tentu arah. Aku terus terduduk. Nak nangis tak terkeluar air mata sebab macam masih tak percaya. Then aku pun call number mummy using my phone, bila org angkat je aku trus tanye, " Mummy mane?????"  makcik tu pun jawab, "nana, bawak bersabar nana, Mummy dah takde". aku terus campak fon.terduduk dan menangis. abah terus peluk. pastu abah pun telefon ayong, angah and apat untuk balik immediately. everything happen so sudden. macam takde petanda langsung. mummy sihat walafiat je. masa tu, just tunggu beberapa hari je flight mami nak balik Malaysia for good and the other reason is sebab aku nak amik spm tahun tu. Tapi sebelum Mummy balik Msia tu, Mummy nak buat umrah dulu. Bila tanya the person yang found out Mummy dah tak ada tu, dia cakap, "Mummy terbaring atas katil pegang dada, beg terbukak, tengah packing". sangat pilu mendengarnya.  Mummy meninggal sebab heart attack. sebelum ni memg Mummy pernah kena once, and itupun like more than ten years ago, and kali ni, mummy was all alone in her room, takda siapa pun yg boleh tolong. Saat tu la mami menghembuskan nafas terakhir. tapi muka Mummy tenang je. Sangat berseri. huhu. Aku menangis je sepanjang hari, bila dah stop kejap, then bila sembahyang, aku menangis, bace Quran nangis, bila ddk sorg2 kejap pun menangis. dua minggu berturut2 sampai lah jenazah Mummy sampai. sepanjang perjalanan nak mengambil jenazah Mummy dkt tempat Kargo LCCT tu aku menangis, yelahh, aku teringat mase dulu2 bila Mummy balik Msia, sepanjang otw ke KLIA tu kitorg akan berebut rebut siapa yang nampak Mummy dulu. Tapi, mase tu, kitorg pegi sebab nak amik jenazah. Aku takleh tahan air mata ni dr terus mengalir. Angah apat abah sume try pujuk. Bila nampak je keranda jenazah, lagi lahh laju je air mata mengalir. sepanjang naik kereta jenazah nak balik ke ampang pun nangis je masa baca yassin tu.

Aku skip sekolah dekat sebulan jugak lah. tunggu jenazah dah 2 minggu, lepas dah kebumi tu aku demam pulak. and macam tak ready lg nak balik sekolah. bila dah balik tu pun everynight asyk menangis je. petang2 pun sama. pegi sekolah pun mata merah je.

hmm, aku tengok wajah mami for the last time tu, mami punya muka sangat2 bersih. macam tenang sangat2. walaupun tak dapat cium mami buat kali terakhir, takpelah sbb everything happens for a reason. Mummy dah buat banyak sangat pengorbanan untuk family. Allah sayang Mummy sebab tu Mummy pergi awal. Aku teringat mase Mummy balik Msia for the last time tu, masa tu aku ade HKSBP kat Sains Selangor, tiap kali ade free time je, abah akan amik aku balik rumah untuk makan. Mummy masak. Padahal masa tu mummy masak macam simple2 je ikan goreng and sayur soon tu, tapi aku rasa macam sedap gila. aku ingat lagi aku ade cakap kat Mmy, " eh kenapa Mummy masak ni macam sedap sangat ni?" mummy diam je. mase tu Mummy siap bubuhkan nasi untuk aku skali. Bila fikir2 balik, banyak sangat benda special jadi mase last Mummy balik tu, mummy macam bg kasih sayang yang tahlaa taktau la nk cakap macam mane. Kitorg adik beradik pun siap ade bg hadiah kat Mummy for her becoming birthday masa tu. huhu

Lastly, eventhough Mummy is not around, she'll always be in my heart all the time. I will always love you Mummy! Thank you so much for everything you've done. And thank God for giving me the greatest mother in the world. Only You know how much she'd sacrificed for all of us and moga Engkau tempatkan Mummy dikalangan org2 yang beriman. Al-fatihah

Thanks for the tribute!

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A BUNCH of thanks to these three magnificent players for their contributions to Chelsea Football Club

1. Michael Ballack
Thanks Ballack for making me love football. I'm a huge fan of him since 2006 WC. And he made me love Germany. Thanks for the priceless contributions for Chelsea. :)

2. Joe Cole
Thanks for all the vital goals. You've been great all the way especially during 2007/2008. You're among the fast player in the club. Goodluck!

3. Juliano Belletti
You've been superb too. Especially on the long distance goals. Thanks mate! :)

Chelsea has released all the three players since their contract with the club has finished.
Goodluck in future lads! 
You'll always be a True Blue :)

My NEW life!

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I left it for so long. And wayyy too much to write about. ngehehe I kept delaying to post something in this blog because.... aaaa. I don't know. Just because.

So, just like what's stated above, this post is gonna be about my NEW life.

Okay, let me start with my life in UTP. Ahaaa I bet all of you were informed that currently I'm continuing my studies in University Teknologi Petronas in Tronoh a.k.a Toronto, Perak Also Known As the Silver country ngeeheheheh. Actually I applied for scholarship for overseas studies from MARA. But then I just managed to get the scholarship for local studies only. Tapi nevermind lah kann, I'm very very very grateful to AT LEAST got the place as one of the scholars kann. Thank God :) When I first acknowledge that I'm not going to pursue my studies abroad, I felt a bit devastated because yeah you know how badly I wanted to further studies abroad kann, but then, when I arrived in UTP and day by day, I feel like it is lebih kurang je like I'm studying overseas in here. Seriously, bukan lah nak mcm brag ke ape ke kann, but it felt like that, perhaps because the people there, the students, the lecturers, most of them are internationals. But not from Europe laa, mcm from Sudan, Uzbekistan, Africa mcm tu lahh, aku pon tak reti nak eja nama country dorang. And memg most of the time kene speaking pun. In lectures pun all in English. not even a single Bahasa is being used because there were international students in the class. And it was not only in lectures, most of the students there pun memg speaking je. At first I was a bit shy lah nak speaking because you know lah a typical Malay mind yang mcm aaa you-know-what kann. But then it was all a normal thing there. Anddd English aku pun berterabur, kdg2 nak ckp tu terstuck jap sbb pke whats the word hehehehe.

Secondly, about le friends.
Aaaaa, when I arrived there, and the time during the registration and briefing, I am the ONLY girl from MARA scholars. And the rest 26 person is the GUYS! Guess how do I feel that day? Can I survive? aaaa. But luckily there was one indian girl from Petronas scholars who registered on the same day (Petronas scholars register a week earlier than MARA scholars, but she registered late due to some complications). So she's the only friend I got. huhu. On the second day, baru lah ade another one girl, which is my roommate, Emyy, which happen to be someone that I've met before. Syafiq's friend. But still, can you imagine the ratio of girls to guys? gila lah beza ya amat. Sepanjang orientasi tu, kitorg bertiga jelah perempuan. Nak g masjid pun akak faci kene amik kat hostel sbb mcm leceh nak jalan jauh2. eheheh. Special sikit.
Kat UTP ni, aku mcm FRIENDSICK gila babi lah, sbb mcm most of the students are excellent students. Camne ehh nak cakap, haaa, kan mcm just a few amount of us (MARA intake), and the rest are Petronas scholars, yang budak2 Petronas ni, dorg macam pandai gilaaa tau, sbb all of them are straights As students and mostly were from daily schools. Can you imagine how pandai they are? aaaa, and SETAHU aku lahh, yang MARA ni je mcm ade yg 8As and kitorg pun dapat UTP sebab tak dapat oversea, yg Petronas memg sume straight. And kat sini, kitorg dah bole choose nak amek course ape, and I'm taking Petroleum Engineering, Emyy amek Chemical Engineering, so we're in different class. Bile dalam lecture tu, aku rase macam down gilaa lah sebab tak dapat catch up what the lecturer were explaining about and the rest of the class pulak macam cepat gila pick up. And siap macam laju je jawab kalau lecturer bagi soalan. huhu. Lecturer pun macam keep saying "you're an excellent students, of course you can do it" and I was like !@#$%^&;*. I'm not that pandai laa, in fact, I depend too much on my friends back in high school, I asked Ziqah too much questions and I even borrow my friend's book as a reference to do my homeworks. Please don't give a high expectations on me. But I can't do anything other than work hard on it and try my very best to adapt with all of that.
Kat sane, aku macam tak ramai kawan pun. tahla, maybe I miss my RBs a LOT! I miss the laughs, I miss the lawaks, I miss the borak2, I miss to open my eyes in the morning and I see whether Ziqah or Sarah or Atai as the first person to start my day, I miss to pau Adila's stocks, I miss to lepak2 dekat dorm Tira, Fahani, Alissa, Ayu, Mel, Syera, Maul, Nabila, Shireen, Tqa B, Izzah, Amal, Hani, Fadh, KZ, Ain Miyok sume tu. I miss makan makanan mak epah bawak mase weekends, I miss to share everything with Emy, and the thing I missed the most is to lepak and spend my entire day with Amirah Arina! Oh gosh! I miss you guys a lot!!!!

And thirdly is about World Cup.
Aaaaaaaaa, I CAN'T WATCH ALL THE MATCHES IN UTP!!! wanna know why? BECAUSE THIS RICH UTP DOESN'T HAVE TVs WITH ASTRO!!!! And I don't even know where's the common room which is the place where we can watch TV. ishhhhh. MY DREAMS WERE ALL GONE. I thought dah habis sekolah ni, I don't have to miss any one of the football matches, but now CAN YOU BELIEVE IT I DON'T FUCKING GET THE CHANCE TO WATCH THE WORLD BEST FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT WHICH HAPPEN TO BE THE EVENT OF THE YEAR!!!! And its not once a year, IT HAPPEN ONCE IN FOUR YEARS!!!! arghhh tensionnnn!!!!! I don't even feel the heat of this world cup pun tau kat UTP. Dah balik rumah ni dapat tengok tv sume br ade rase nak yg this World Cup is going to start in just a FEW days! aarghhhh!!! I HATE THIS I HATE THIS I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So for the ones who's reading this, I hope you undertands how I feel and you can pujuk me by belanja me the JERSEYS heheheheh. Yang ciplak pon tak kesah cos AT LEAST I can wear it to class everyday so that I can feel the heat :)

Ape lagi ek nak tulis? tadi mase belum start writng punye lah aku imagine this post will be like panjang gle sampai korang penat nak bace. But I think that's all for now. Please pray that I will get many friends here and aku jadi cepat pick up skt mcm the rest of the students in UTP. huhu.

Casey James went home:(

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Huhu, so sad laa wey. Sampai feel like crying. I've been supporting him since day 1. The day Kara asked him to take off his shirt and Posh being way too impressed with the talent he got. huhu. You can tell why do I like him if you're watching American Idol this season from the audition day. His style, his voice, his guitar playing skills. But whatever it is, I'm sure he'll still be a great musician afterwards because he has been doing it all this while. And by the way, I hope Lee wins, he's just as good as Kris Allen. Goodluck!:)

Day 1.

This is the reason why.

You Know How I Feel

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Let the pictures do the talking cause you know how I feel:)

Kick off.

I didn't watch the opener, So sad:(

Cech saves Boateng's penalty! Decisive moment!

Terry COMEL!<3

Terry COMEL lg:)

Ni Lampard pulak comel:)

Yeay kite menang! Sexaaayyyyhhhh=0


My Hero:)


Three years in a row! DOUBLE BUBBLE=)

Memorable night, Memorable season!

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Favourite quote:
"For a team that is supposed to be too old," Drogba joked, "we can be proud of what we achieved today."

Ahaaa, since I haven't updating anything related to football recently, so this is gonna be a long one. 

:), That's what the title of this post is all about. I think I'm gonna write the report in details. ahahah

So the match started and guess what, ahh not guess lah but urghhh Wigan controlled the possession. I was freakin nervous! Because Chelsea barely get the ball. But it just took 5 mins to break the tensions. Anelka made it. I was a little bit relieved but man,! 1-0 is never good enough. 

So Chelsea got the second by Lampard. It came from the penalty kick. Yeah Drogba eagerly wanted to take the penalty spot but anything could happen at this crucial moment, just let the professional took the responsibility right? And yes, it worked really well. 22nd goal for Super Frankie Lampard this season. Congrats for being such a superb midfielder!

And next, its Kalou's time. This man really deserved the first eleven place. Sorry Joe Cole but as far as I'm being Chelsea's number one fan, Kalou did better than Cole. So its 3-0 now! Ahaaa, what's more interesting about tonight is that in each goal made by Chelsea, then the small box will appear on the screen in which it shows that Man U were scoring at the same time. It was such a hard battle.

Anelka did it again for the fourth goal. Its quite surprising because yeah, its been a long time since he last scored. And tonight, he did both of them beautifully. But, I don't think its gonna be a place for him in the starting eleven next year. 

Still, no goal from Drogba. I saw him trying so hard to get the goal and finally! He made it. Not just once, a superb hattrick form Didier Drogba and then it was confirmed that he is going to get the Golden Boot. Congrats Didi!

And the last goal was from Ashley Cole. And it was absolutely magnificent! A superb volley! 

So, its 8-0 for Chelsea! What a record! I was extremely excited and happy! 

Ahaa, sorry for all those Facebookers because perhaps your newsfeed was full with my status tonight. :D
I just wanted to express my feelings. Nothing is wrong with that. But it kinda annoys me when a few people trying to argue that the match was biased, Chelsea's fans were over reacting and bla bla bla. What The Hell man? We won the title, it's not a crime to express our joy on this glorious night. We did a fantastic job this season. We really deserved to win. 

Hmm, I'm gonna admit that this is my first time watching Chelsea won the title. Y'know, I started being a Chelsea fan after the 2006 WC, and I barely get the chance to watch every Chelsea match LIVE since I'm in a boarding school. So, its my very first time watching Captain John Terry holding that premiership trophy live broadcasting. And its a full enjoyment to watch them celebrating the win in Stamford Bridge. I wish I could be there but nvm, the time will come:)

Oh yea, I saw Toni Terry and the twins, Summer and Georgie, they were uber cute! And its so sweet watching them altogether happy as a family.:)

I'm very very happy for supporting Chelsea all the way. I was so impressed watching the spirit among the lads, especially the experts like Terry, Lampsy, Didi and Ballack. They did it very well. The feeling was magnificent because it's hurt for three years inside me watching United win it season after season.:DD

And lastly, goodluck for the FA Cup Final next week. I'm longing for the double. And surely it'll make Carlo as one of the best Chelsea manager. 

A few Updates

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I'm a little surprised to acknowledge you're 'that' bitchy

I miss my guitar class A LOT!

I just get back from sleepover at Sarah's

I 'henna'ing my nails BLACK!:D

I'm gonna miss Balqis and Ain like crazy!

New new new

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Cun tak page baru nih? Bukan setakat cun, MANTAP kann? Terima kasih daun pudina kerana memuji.xD wakakaka lantak ah nk ckp aku perasan ke ape, tapi aku memang suke gile datuk nenek moyang punye kat template+layout nih. hehehe. Ni baru DIAN! The previous one was so not me lah. hehs. Aku asyik bukak page ni je dr tadi. wakakaka. fine fine k aku stop. PEACE YAWW!


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Yesterday I went to their concert at Central park Avenue One Utama. perghh it was freakin WORTH IT! Wanna know why? It is because I got the MEET AND GREET pass and I got the chance to meet them in person. But, thats not all, the BEST thing was, BILL KAULITZ friggin HUGGED me baby!!!! OMG OMG OMG! Okay fine, yeah, I am not his number one fan or something, but dude, seriously, meeting him in person and get the chance to stand and took a picture with him was magnificent! Just by looking at his beautiful face and his skinny leg and most importantly gorgeous hairstyle really made me stunned! Fine, perhaps he's gay but WTH, I don't give a shit. He's effin GORGEOUS!

We went there after attending the gathering at Atai's, and arrived around 430. It was a stucked traffic nearby the carpark. I went there with Akem and Izzah Amani. And we met Ayu and her friends inside OU and then about an hour later, Nabila Sarah arrived. And the around 6 pm, the gate was open and we RAN inside to get the front spot. The funny thing was, mse larilari tu, ade plak ternampak kasut sebelah, tah kasut siapa lah tuu, kesian dia tgk konsert takde kasut. wakakkaka. Dengan camera Izzah punye penutup terjatuh lah apelah. Lawak gilaa. Tu laaa excited sgt.
Then the opening starts, there was POP SHUVIT, *okay fine I know I'm not into malay act but POP SHUVIT was awesome, I have to admit that. And there was BUNKFACE and DJ Tiesto?? kot laa. Not very sure. The opening took soo long. Damn it I was already tired at that time, but with the eager feeling to watch TOKIO HOTEL right in front of us, it doesn't matter lahh kan. 

Around 845pm baru lahh TOKIO HOTEL start perform. Mannn, they were AWESOME! Camne ehh nak ckp, macam I WAS VERY IMPRESSED because his voice was just the same like studio version. Yelahh kann biasenye time konsert suara macam tak best kann, but his voice was exactly the same lahh. With his outstanding style tuu, memg worth it!. 

Hehe tapi kitorg takdlah stand in the crowd till the end of the concert. In the middle tu kitorg blah sbb memg dah sgt2 tak larat, kaki macam nak tercabut, nak lompat2 pun dah tak larat. Perut aku pun sama buat concert jgk. haishh. But we still watch it from the outside lah. Lagi clear kot. hmm nvm lah.

So the concert end about 1030. Then with my Meet and Greet pass, I met them at the backstage:))

Hmm, dah time nak balik tu, boleh la pulak kan kereta buat hal, battery habis. BANGANG gle ahh. Bikin wa cuak je. Lucky me I wasn't alone. Ade Nabila and Hakim. So we asked the Pak Guard to help us. He called the machanics. Urghh, I wasn't expecting this such thing would happen to me. I was freakin out at that time, yelahh, it was already 11++ kot. Pukul bape nak sampai rumah macam tu. haishh. Memg cuak habis lah. So the mechanics did his job and I have to pay RM30 for the jumper**. Thank you so much to Nabila and Akem! Without both of you memang aku dah nangis dah kat situ. So, the car was fine and I have to send Akem home at Sg Buloh first sbb time tu impossible nak carik public transport. Then hantar Nabila balik rumah nenek dia kat Ampang. Nasib baik ade kwn smpi Ampang ohh. Thanks so much Nabila!!

So, it was a hectic day for me. But I REALLY HAD A BLAST! What an experience of a lifetime! The best and the worst thing happened to me. Thanks for the adventure!:)

**hehe amek ko panjang gile post nih. next post tah bile2 la plak kan ekekekek
**Chelsea menang tadi, what a GREAT game! But still got the final match of the season which will define who's the champion. MAY THE BEST WIN (Its CHELSEA OF COURSE)

The last and THE BEST!

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Today's guitar class was the last one. AND I HAD A BLAST!!!!!
Wanna know why? 
And I had a JAM SESSION with my lovely teacher!!!!
ohhh mannn! Best gileee lahh weii! I didn't expect him to give the bestest attendance esp during my last lesson. Okay, let me tell you in details,

Cikgu: Last class ckgu ajar awak ape ek?
Me: Power chord
Ckgu: Oooo, biasenye power chord ni maen lgu Greenday, MUSE, bla bla bla
Me: Wooo, sy dahla suke gile Muse.

Pastu dia pon aja laaa, time tu gune acoustic guitar lagi. Lepas dah ajar camne tu, dia kate

Cikgu: Jom JAM lahh. Ckgu pasang kat speaker

Pastu aku pun dah excited lahh kan, tak penah penah dia ajak aku jamming same. Then, dia pn masuk lah CD dlm player sume2. Betul2 kan volume. pastu....

Cikgu : (dgn muke excited) JOM MAIN GUNE EECTRIC LAHH!
Me : (muke lagi lah gile2 babeng punye excited kann) HAAAAA? BTOL KE NI??
Cikgu : Yelaaa, baru feel!

Arghhhh best gile wa cakap sama lu. 

Pastu dah abis kelas, ade r jap kan tgkp2 gamba punye session. huhu. Sedih2. Ckgu tuu SANGAT SANGAT SANGAT best!!!!

Rase cam taknak je benti, tapi cam da nk masuk matrix sume bagai, kne r benti jgk.
Tapi dia ada ckp, 
" Kalau awak ade nk tny ape2 or nak main same2 ke, datang jelah sini, tp bgtau dulu, kalw ckgu free boleh je main sama-sama lagi:)))))))))" 

Best dowww!! huhuhu. 
Now memg ak rase mcm nak kumpul duit beli electric guitar lah pulak kann. hahhah. 

wuwuwuwuu. I wanna have this moment again!!

Okay, soo here are some of the pictures taken during the last class. Credits to Balqis for snapping:)

Ni time main acoustic lagi

Ni baru nak try2:P

Ni dah start main hehhe
*tgk lah bape byk guitar berderet kat situ

And this is the jamming session. Bilik ni sgt kecik and sgt banyak brg. Amp sampai 3, keyboard 1, radio 1, Acoustic guitar ade 3, electric guitar ade 2.

And lastly

This is my teacher, nampak je sempoi camni, tapi dia main power gile2! And sangat sangat sangat BEST AND SPORTING:)
*bangang ahh gemok sial aku-.-

Okay tu je.:)))))

MK Ultra

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Tajuk takde kene mengene kott. Lantak ahh. Aku memang MALAASSSS tahap gaban nak update blog nih. So takpe ahh arini aku tulis skit2 dlu. MUNGKIN akan mentriggerkan mood blogging aku.

Hmmm, ape nak tulis nihhh? JAMBAN rrr! Asal takde idea doh? hish!
Ermmm, bulan nih last aku nye kelas guitar, dah banyak gak la aku blaja. Strumming, plucking, power chord sume. Chords sume insyaAllah ak dah reti bace. But, tak bape reti nk gune PIMA lagi. It comes with practice soo no worries laa. Skang nih guitar dah jadi bestfriend aku, sampai tdo pon aku peluk guitar tuh:D

Dah r, aku memang taktahu nak tulis ape doh. ASTALAVISTA! CHAO

**Ehh jappp, MAURINHO power siall kalahkan Barca, he proved he's the master of tactics. Messi pon memg guarded gile2 ahh. WA TABIK SAMA LU AHH!

Midnight Magic Show

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Last night was FREAKIN AWESOME dude!
It was Quarter Final Champions League's match, 
And the result is 4-1 and Barca won 5-3 on aggregate.
The purpose for this post is to tell the whole world how impressed I am while watching THE MOST TALENTED PLAYER ON THE PLANET stormed The Gunners by his Hatrick+1 goals. 4 goals in one game dude! Perghhhh! This Messiah is really a PHENOMINAL
The way he glued the ball to his leg really made me stunned! He's UNSTOPPABLE! Even Arsene Wenger worships what he did yesterday. I've watched the highlight a few times already and everytime I watched it, I still deeply impressed by the way he dribble and passed through all the defenders and shoot the ball right in the goal post. Especially on the fourth goal. He's made Almunia looked kinda fool. :D
Frankly, I have never watched a superb performance like this before. 

James Morrison

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Ohh mannn! I can't get you off my mind! I'm listening to his songs 24/7.


Ohh man!