I gotta AT LEAST write something

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Ahah, updates :

  • Chelsea won their first match of the season with style. 6-0 baybeeehhhh :) SWEET PIE !
  • Capello is such a douche bag for axing Beckham -.- F you !
  • My finals is in three weeks time. Gaaaahhhh, I am sooo not ready :(
  • I miss Rakan Baiks  A LOOOTTT ! Can't wait to meet you guys nextweek :)
  • I miss KL a lot ! Like A LOT ! I repeat, A LOOOOTTTT !!
Reminder :
  • Sometimes Chemistry makes me think twice about taking Petroleum Engineering :( God I need your guidance ! And come on girl, stop playing SUDOKU while Dr. Isa is teaching in front. Pay attention as much as what you gave on Physics lecture dude ! Stop fooling around and regret what you did over and over again ! 
  • Remember, eventhough MARA asked you to get 2.5 above for the CGPA, 3.5 is YOUR TARGET ! 
  • Make revisions during night time.
  • Less Youtube, Tumblr *durhhh this annoys me much !
  • Do the tutorials before the tutorial class lah weeyyyy ! Grow uppppp !


Comment by Amal Hayati on August 15, 2010 at 5:36 AM

i miss u too diannnnnn :(
eh btw,gudluck final! Go go,chemistry rocks.haha

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