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1.Adakah anda rasa anda hot?
Kat rumah slalu lah rase hot. Sebab panas GILE!
2.Upload wallpaper pc/laptop anda sekarang!

3.Cerita pasal gambar...
Sebab saya sayang kawan2 saya:)
4.Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
Durhhh, tak ingat doh. Two months ago. I'm not into pizza sgt pon.
5.Lagu terakhir anda dengar.
Undiscovered-James Morrison<3
6.Apa yang anda buat selain tag ini?
Listening to James Morrison:))
7.Selain nama sendiri,anda dipanggil nama apa?
Errr, agak pelik soalan nih. Nana kott
8.Tag lagi 8 orang.
Amal Hayati:P
Ainul Bahiah
Teew Suliman
Nabeela Sarah
Farrah Huda
Amirah Aisyah
Shahrir Adam
Syafiq Shaidali
**peduli ape korang dah ditag ke belum:D
9.Siapakah gerangan no 1 pada anda?
My cutest friend:)
10.Katakan sesuatu pada orang no 5.
See ya tomorrow:P
11.No 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
Ramaiii. She's damn HOT!
12.Bagaimana dengan no 4?
Its complicated HAHAHAH
13.Pesanan buat orang no 6.
Aku jeles ko dapat cycling wehh!
14.Kata-kata cinta untuk orang no 2.
I love you friend:)
15.Persamaan no 7 dengan no 8.
A man playing basketball?
16.Berikan 5 perkara yang anda tahu tentang orang yang men tag anda.
Again, my cutest friend.
The hardworking one.
Craving for SE Aino
Ade family yang sangaaaatttt besttt
My RB forever:)
17.Persamaan antara kambing dengan lembu.
Binatang loah bangang
18.Perasaan anda buat tag ni?
Leceh.hahha jangan marah beb:D
19.Adakah anda tahu si Razman itu sengal?
Kalau Razman Sahat, adela sikit kot.HAHAHAH mati aku kalo dy bace:DD
20.Gay ke less?

I'm not lost, just undiscovered

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Hello peepsy!
I suffered insomnia recently, ahah, BIG FAT LIE! Naah not insomnia, I just love to be awake at night. I mean midnight.... early morn? ahhh whatever! I just love the peace of mind I'm having while staying up late. Seriously, I love it! I felt like it was a waste if I sleep early like before 2am. Really! My friends planned for a jog next morning, I don't think I can make it. I prefer to jog at night than in the morning, I am so not a morning person-.-

And now, I'm listening to James Morrison! Oh man! I'm effin adore this man. He's an englishman. Yes yes I prefer British singers than American ones. Perhaps its because their accent is just sooo unique. Matt Bellamy, oh yeah oh yeah I am addicted to his voice too. hehehe:)

But seriously dude, James' voice is charming. I can't stop listening to all of his songs since three days ago. I wish my future life partner has a voice EXACTLY like him GAHAHAHAHAHA!

And he's a sing-songwriter in which that makes me more impressed with him. And more, okay I am a person who always berangan, yeah Adila, Amirah and Atai know soo much about it**
I do daydream about walking on the street in somewhere in UK or overseas, and passed by a man singing songs with guitar. Ohh myyy, I'm longing for that. And James Morrison do that! Yeah he's the man on the street, singing with his guitar, with the hard-cover-guitar-case left open for the people passing by who watched his performance to give some money. Its damn cool dude!
Who won't be impressed by hearing his alluring voice? I'll kick your fat ass if you don't! hehe.

Okay enough for that.
Oh yeah, before I forgot, I already bought that YAMAHA Acoustic Guitar. Its freaking good! I have no problem with  it. And for all those guitarists, Yamaha is the best! **for beginners and an intermediate person like me who can't afford any Gibson of Ibanez yet:))



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Maurinho, you're still the best. You're The Special One. About the defeat, I don't know how to feel. Yeah of course sad. But I saw their efforts. But still, silly mistakes are unforgiven. Referee didn't did a good job. Don't fuckin tell me "Thatss an excuse for losers". It was 3 clear penalty which should've been given. And the Eto'o's goal was an offside. But anyways, Inter played very very very well. Good defensive, good counter attack, nice game. Its always a nice game with Maurinho. I vote for him to be the best. Not Mr. Ferguson. Its 3 years++ unbeaten man! What a record! And you're a damn good psychic. The mind games worked! Chelsea did played under pressure. Hmm, overall. I am not freakin disappointed, its okay to lose against the best. Like what happened with Barca on semis last year. And once a Blues, forever a TRUE BLUES!


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I don't prefer texting.
I dislike texting.
I don't like texting.
Je deteste 'texting'.
I hate texting!

Entah, agaknye sebab aku memang MALAS TAHAP GABAN nak menaip. Rase cam satu burden. Tadi texting with Izzah Amani. Warghhh, rase macam satu penyeksaan nak reply msg dy. Tapi aku tau Izzah Amani seorang yang tak suke if someone reply her message shortly. So aku pon kne laa balas pnjg2. Rase macam nak call terus. Tapi tadi credit sikit. So takleh laaa call. huhu.

So kawan2, jangalah terasa kalau aku tak reply msg korg. Sbb this is me. I wish I can change it, really, I tried but it did not work. hehe. Sorry:(

I used to reply someone's SMS with just; "O". But now I changed it to "Ohh". Okay laa tu tambah 2 huruf. Improvement whatt! hehhehehe. And "K" for Okay. Still the same. But kalau ade mood rajin tu aku reply la "OK" ke "Okay" ke. heheheh. Deal with it ye kwn2. 

If you want to reach me, give a call. And I'll give the best attendance. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.


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Sempena result SPM aku yang tak bape nak gempak nih, aku tetap ade wishlist. heheheh. Bende nih da berabad aku nak, tapi takde reason nak mintak. So eventhough aku just dpt 8As, aku nak gakk. Gile lahh setiap kali aku kua aku usha 2 bende nihh. Agak nye orang kedai tu pon dah kenal aku sebab ak asyk datang tengok bende yang same je. hehhe.

1. 16gb Apple iPod Touch.

Hmmm, I want this thing sooooo badly! Wahai kakak2 dan abangku yang baik hati lagi pemurah, please give me this. huhu... I already asked Angah to buy it, and she's okay with it. Just wait for Ayong and Apat to give their shares. huhu. Cepatlaaaa! Nak SANGATSANGATSANGATSANGATTT!!!!

2. Yamaha Acoustic Guitar.
And this is the second thing. I already told ya in my previous post that I wanted to buy it. But I didn't managed to kumpul duit. Asyik kua je mane la duit nak cukup. cett! So now I planned to ask my dad to buy it for me. Please Dad!

Hmmm, so this two thing has been wandering in my mind since the past three months. I really wished I can have it at least BEFORE being a student back.-.-

Anddd, ahah, talking bout my SPM results,I got 6A+, an A which is for Physics:( , an A- for English and B+ for Biology. I'm sooo grateful for what I got. Told ya I gave my best so this is for all that I've put on. But one thing, I just not satisfied with my English result. IT SUCKS! But nothing that I can do to change it. Life must go on and I hope I can deal with it. Lastly, LIVE YOUR LIFE MATES!

And all RB members who managed to get straight As and the rest of 0509 Majestic Legacy clans. We're THE BEST! AND WE MADE IT!


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Tanye lah pape kalo bosan


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WOAAAHHHHHH!!! I just watched a few videos about this becoming event of the year. WORLD CUP 2010. wehhh tak saba gile rr! Bapak excited nak mati aku tengok video nih. Lagu Akon pon besttt! WOOOHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!! Mira, Mel, Dila, jom kasi gegar!!!! woaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!I'm overwhelmed!!!

Henry machoo gile laa. 

A perfect song kott. Catchy gilee!


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Why you always judging people? Or its just your opinion? Hmmm, perhaps its your way of satisfying yourself and maybe it'll make you look(feel) even better than anyone else or more mature. Ahah, that's the way you live your life. I don't give a damn. Just sometimes I think it makes you look pathetic. Because for me, I like to keep it to myself rather than telling the whole world that you dislike this and that, its not perfect, its not cool, and bla bla bla. You're nobody to judge people. We're all human.

Okay, lets move on. Just sharing the thoughts of mine.

I have my own license now. So, after this I can go anywhere I want without depending too much on the public transportation. yeaaaayyyyy!! Lepas nih tak payah dah jalan kaki bwk beg guitar berat2 g bus station. Tak payah dah panas2 tgu bus. YAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Wondering or Wandering?

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Hmm. I've changed my Guitar Class schedule. From Friday to Tuesday. And Sir Sharom ckp nextweek, I'll be learning plucking. Yeay! Tadi blaja main Kiss Me by Sixpense None The Richer. Best siott reti main lagu nih. But still, kinda hard to smoothly change the chords. Half bar, full bar. -.-

So, tadi Sir Sharom kate, kalo dah blaja plucking, pastu blaja Solo plak. Then this one thing pop up in my mind, "Will I still get the chance to learn that?"
Yelahh, lagi bpe hari je kann nak result dahh. Then I wonder lahh if my dad will ever let me continue my lesson. Sometimes I wonder, camne lahh aku bleh gle2 minat Music ehh. Padahal takde sape pon yg dkt family aku ni cam musician ke ape ke kannn.
The time I mentioned kat Ayong yg aku msk klas guitar ni, dy dah bebel dah. Dgn Abg Wira lg, adooyyy, kalw have a ride with them, sure aku kne bebel dgn Abg Wira. Pasal bola laa apelaa.
Serious dohh, aku pon taktau nape lahh aku obses sgt dgn music+football. Football lah esp. Kdg2 aku rase ak lg over tgk bola drpd Apat. Alah dy mane pnah tgk bola kat umah pon sbb aku yg conquer TV kalo ade game.hahahah. Pastu, stay up smp pg tak tdo sbb tgk bola, ish, mane pny gene yg  aku dpt pon aku taktau. Yang plg tak tahan tuu, kalo time aku tgk bola, dorg mesti tak suruh aku buat pape or in other words, tak ckp n aku sbb confirm takkan dilayan. hahaha. Apat yg kene. hahaha. Dah r tu, bknnye korg nak tau sgt pon kalo ak bebel pnjg lg.

Hmm, ni lg satu. result nak dekatt. Cuak gle babang r. Pastu skg ni aku rindu gle kat Mami. Rindu gle2 lahh, yelahh, nnt dah dpt result, xdpt share dgn Mami dahh. :( Tak dpt nak pelok cium Mami dah. Dulu mase aku dpt 8A PMR, Mami kat Riyadh. So aku gtau through phone jelah. Call Mami. Mami nanges kott time tu. Terharu gle ahh. Mase UPSR dlu ponn mami nanges. Pelok aku smpai agkt2 aku mcm aku ni ringan sgt plak. hehhehe. Nana rindu Mummy sgt2!:( Okay dah start nanges dah ni. :((
Dah la stop laa. basah laptop aku:(

Eh takleh stop lagi. Nak cte psl Mami lg. Gamba ni mase last Mami balek. Mase ni Angah nak tunang. G la kedai perabot nak beli kerusi yg mcm kat gamba ni. Pnat btol pileh2. Tiap2 kali aku lalu kedai ni, mesti aku ingt Mami.:(
Pastu, kann aku ske gelakkan org kann, heheh, sbb Mami pon mcm tu. hehehe. Btol, Mami gelak lg dasyat dr aku. Tak caye tny family members aku. Huhu. Rindunye kat Mami:(
And then, the reason aku tak ske makan mamak and tak tgk cte mlayu is sbb Mami tak kasi. Bkn sbb aku cam gle poyo ke ape ke kann. Tapi memg dah mcm tu. Mami pon tak ske makan luar gak. So aku pon xske laa. Mami kalo lalu dpn kdai mamak mesti dy komplen asl laa manusia2 ni g mkn kat kdai mamak ni. Tah ape yg sdp pon taktau laa. No offense ok tp btol laa, cleanliness comes first laa kann.

Hmm, dah laaa tuu. Kang tls byk2 mesti korg nanges kann. hehehe.

Thank you God cause you gave me THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD. Eventhough I haven't got the chance to be with her for a longer time, but I am grateful because I had the chance to have her as my mom. Only God knows how special and superb woman she is.